Saturday, April 24, 2010

YSL Parisienne

Oh, I got a perfume from my mom. She is so sweet. *heart* I really like Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent, the bottle is gorgeous too. This smells like roses but with attitude :D

Sain laivatuliaisina äidiltäni YSL:n Parisienne-tuoksun ja on tämä ihana! Pullokin on niin kaunis... Tuoksussa on ruusua mutta asenteen kera, ei mikään hempeä tuoksu :D Alla vielä tuoksun mainos, joka on mielestäni IHAN hirveä.

"This fragrance YSL appeared on the market in 2009, romantically named Parisienne, which implicates its Paris fragrance antecedents, as well as its edited bottle design. Besides the official notes of Damascus rose, violet, peony, cranberry, patchouli, vetiver, musk and sandalwood, it also contains urban and bold aromas of vinyl and lacquer, reminding us of the special scent of a cosmetic bag, make – up and high-heels on the hot city asphalt." from Fragrantica

nail polish is Essence 24 Underwater

If you haven't seen the commercial, here it is from Youtube. I just hate it. REALLY.

What do you think of the commercial or the perfume?

Thank you for reading & commenting :)



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