Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MAC Fall Pigments: Emerald Dusk, Blue Storm & Starless night

I got a samples of MAC Fall Color pigments :) It took me a while to test these, i was just SO busy :/ The quality of all three is just perfect. There are several formulas in MAC pigments and this is my favorite: smooth & super pigmented.

EOTD with Emerald Dusk: My favorite :D Lovely grey-blue-teal, nicely pigmented!

Blue Storm:

Starless Night: Gorgeous, very pigmented shimmery black. There was a little fallout when I applied this, so be careful when you use this :)

Note: Some samples/products mentioned in this post were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are mine.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

L'Oreal Infaillible eyeshadow: Bronze Divine (024)

Oh, new Infaillible eyeshadow colors from L'Oreal! They had a bright golden, sand/gold and this Bronze Divine. It's divine, indeed. The color is just what I love, greenish-bronze, and quality is amazingly soft (creamy, super pigmented powder). These really last!

Jihuu, uusia Infaillible luomivärejä L'Orealilta! Nyt tarjolla oli kulta, hiekka ja tämä Bronze Divine. Jumalainen sävy tosiaan, ostopäätös syntyi välittömästi ;D Tässä laatu on vielä pehmoisempi kuin ennen testaamissani sävyissä, aivan ihana siis! Voidemainen ja puuterimainen, kestää todella hyvin iholla. Väri on ihan suosikkini, vihertävä pronssi. Kultainenkin olisi kyllä ihana...

Do you like these eyeshadows? I use MAC 217 blending brush to apply these.

New Aromaleigh collection: HOLLY-DAYS (&lower shipping costs)

I don't always/often post about new collection without swatches but I just like Aromaleigh products so much :D I'll order my samples a bit later, I have to get my previous order first.

But what makes me REALLY happy is the new lower shipping costs! Thank you :D International shipping is now 2.99 USD. Sorry, 4.99 USD international! 2.99 USD is domestic shipping.

Uusi kokoelma Aromaleighiltä, tilailen omani kunhan saan edellisen tilaukseni perille :) Erityisen mukavaa on edullisemmat postikulut ulkomaille, 2.99 USD  (tämä olikin domestic shipping, ilmeisesti virhe eilen), 4.99 USD on oikea!

*) my favorites :D

COLOR DESCRIPTIONS: (Remember, color is subjective, so these are Aromaleigh's color perceptions. They are helpful in assisting with color choice, but everyone sees color differently.)
*naughty or nice: a frosted slate cocoa taupe with festive sparks of gold and violet.
secret santa: a warm mid-toned pinky mauve with an aurora borealis of highlight shimmers.
*faux eva'green: heathery evergreen frost with a smokey lowlight and with fine subtle colorful glimmer.
more fruitcake?: fruity pumpkin frost with a hint of coral... accented with bright sparks of gold and red.
*midnight mess: the darkest purple-indigo toned black with frosted pewter tones and a myriad of sparkle that defies the rainbow.
just be-claus: not your ordinary hot chocolate. This warm mid-toned cocoa frost sparkles with prismatic joy.
*snowglobe: The perfect frosty white frost with bright sparks of green floating throughout...
*poison pointsettia: Saturated like bright rubies and garnets, a smooth, softly metallic frost with brilliant sparkls of bright blue.
missing batteries: a cool chocolate brown frost with more shiny diamond shimmer than missing batteries at Christmas.
*it's MY party: perfection in a warm purple frost with contrasting green and aqua shimmy and shine.
peace on ?: perfectly peaceful peachy frost with the brilliance of bright gold and pink sparkles.
*little green elves: a neutral heathered greenish greyish frost, with hints of khaki and surprising violet and green sparkkle.
uncorked: medium-toned warm buff mauve-pink fizzy with sparks of champagne pink, brilliant gold and red.
*down the chimney: soot and ash has never been so lovely. A cool toned smooth grey frost with bright green sparks and soft golden highlight shimmer.
*pass the glogg: neutral perfect light-midtoned buff beige with hints of pink and showers of sparkling radiance.
glisten' in!: warm gold, softly metallic frost with hot sparkles of gold and pink.

Made in the USA by Aromaleigh Inc.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner (grey)

This Maybelline Master Drama is a very soft and pigmented eyeliner pencil. Last very well (see my "after 14 hours" picture below). You also have to sharpen it very often, this is just SO soft! It's "master drama" so it really might not be the best for everyday use (depends what you like, naturally). But still like it and will use in the evenings! You can really add drama to your look with this! I got the grey color, it looks black on my light skin. The black one might be better, if you are very dark toned.

Maybelline Master Drama on erittäin pehmeä ja pigmenttinen silmänrajauskynä. Pysyi todella hyvin (alla kuva 14 tunnin jälkeen). Pehmeytensä takia tätä pitää myös terotella ahkerasti. Ei ehkä paras arkipäivään (riippuu toki millaista lopputulosta milloinkin haluaa) mutta eiköhän tätä tule iltaisin käytettyä. Ja halloweenina tietysti :D Tällä todellakin saa draamaa katseeseen! Itse otin tämän harmaan ja näyttää vaalealla iholla lähes mustalta :)

Eyeshadows: Lumene Arctic light solo & Lumene Magical polar solo


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