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Aromaleigh Spring Solstice ENCORE for 2 weeks!

This is the collection I've waiting for ;) So all these colors will be sold for 2 weeks and after that part of the Spring Solstice collection will be permanent!

Jipii! Olenkin tätä kokoelmaa odotellut kieli pitkällä :D Spring Solstice sävyt siis myynnissä 2 viikkoa, jonka jälkeen osa kokoelmasta päätyy pysyvään valikoimaan.

*1. Mallow: Spring's first blush. The softest pale coral with shimmers of gold. **2. Heartleaf: The freshness of budding leaves with sparkles of violet. *3. Forget-me-not: The lush turquoise of petals, sparkling with magical turquoise sparkles. 4. Tansy: The deep golden color of closed flowerbuds, sparkling with blue highlight. *5. Jessamine: A walk through the Spring forest. Deep green and brown base with golden highlight shimmer. *6. Nasturtium: Dramatic neutral red, sparkling with highlights of pink sparks. *7. Phlox: A delicate, shimmering wash of pale silver grey with iridescent blue sparks. 8. Bellflower: A diaphanous violet purple tone, slightly shee…

Beauty products I'm currently using

I saw this In Phyrra's & Lipstick Rules' blog, so here are the products I'm currently using :) I'm addicted to makeup but hair/body products have been same for longer time (products marked with HG=> I've used for a LONG time :D)

Näin tämän muutamassa blogissa ja päätin kirjoitella omat suosikkituotteeni tällä hetkellä :)Olen meikkiaddikti mutta hius-, kasvo- ja vartalotuotteet ovat pysyneet samoina jo pidempään (HG merkintä=>käytössä PITKÄÄN enkä aio vaihtaa jatkossakaan).

Shampoo: Urtekram Children's shampoo
Conditioner: Giovanni 50:50 balanced (HG)
Styling Products: L'anza Straitline Smoother (HG), Redken Woolshake (HG) & XZ tyrni hiuslakka (hairspray, HG)

Shower Gel: TBS (Dewberry, Cranberry, Green apple, Pink Grapefruit, Black velvet apricot) and Giovanni (Grapefruit sky).
Soap: Suds n Sass Goat milk soap
Body Moisturizer: Urtekram No Perfume (HG) & Weleda
Deodorant: Logona (Oriental) & Nivea Sensitive balm

Cleanser: Sebamed (HG) & TBS …

Aromaleigh HiFi Retro Matte EOTD with Smokin'

I tried yesterday In Orbit and Spaz Aromaleigh HiFi Retro Mattes and those colors are definitely my favorites from this collection! Today I wanted to try something completely different and decided to try Smokin'. I was very surprised how much I liked this color! And I think it was even prettier irl :)

Eilen testasin Aromaleighin HiFi Retro Matteista In Orbit ja Spaz sävyt, jota ovat taatusti omat suosikkini tästä kokoelmasta! Tänään halusin ihan erilaisia sävyjä ja päätin kokeilla Smokin'ia. Olin todella yllättynyt kuinka paljon pidin tästä väristä! Ja oli vielä kivanpi livenä :)

-Gosh eyeshadow base
-AL Butterfly Kisses, Les Papillons (lid)
-AL Smokin', HiFi Retro Matte (crease, lower lash line)
-AL Sand, pure eyes matte (brow bone)
-MAC blacktack fluidline
-Shiseido mascara base+Gosh mascara

Butterfly Kisses: Sweetest cool silvery frosted pink with lavender tones, golden highlights and brilliant sparks of aqua.
Smokin': smoked mauve with earthy tones, set your stare on fire.


Aromaleigh Retro HiFi Matte look: In Orbit

*** Don't forget my BLOG GIVEAWAY! Coming soon ***

OMG, these new Aromaleigh's Retro HiFi Mattes are so beautiful! I had to try In Orbit first, because I just love green ;) I did expect these to be very nice (because I love AL mattes) but these greens are just incredible :D Hope you like the look too!

No onpas nämä Aromaleighin uudet Retro HiFi mattet melkoisen ihania! Piti tietty kokeilla In Orbitia ensin, vihreää kun rakastan ;) Odotin näiltä paljon, AL:n matta väreistä kun pidän, ja ovat vähintääkin niin ihanat vihreät kuin epäilin :D

-Gosh primer
-AL In Orbit, Retro HiFi matte (lid)
-AL Spaz, Retro HiFi matte (outer lid & lower lash line)
-AL Divine Intervention, Gothic Lolita (crease)
-AL Sand, Pure eyes matte (brow bone)
-MAC fluidline Bliz&Glitz
-LashStiletto wp
In Orbit: wicked chartreuse green (this color has the slightest lustre, it is barely perceptible on the skin)
True lime green, totally nuclear.
Divine Intervention: Glorious verdant pearlescent warm green …

Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Matte swatches

I got the samples from Aromaleigh to review & swatch, thank you MissK!

I tried to swatch these lovely, vibrant colors many times but somehow some of the colors looked too light in the pictures... Unfortunately the weather has been just terrible here in Finland, very dark and rainy... I even tried to swatch these on eyes but maybe I started with wrong color and I looked like Agneta from ABBA :D

I just washed my makeup and applied Big Tickle only :D Sorry about the application but I just wanted to show how pigmented these are. Very easy to blend too!

So sorry, the swatches are not that good but I'll do some EOTD's asap!

Sain nämä ihanat Retro Hi-Fi Mattet Aromaleighiltä arvoita ja swatcheja varten. Hieman siis hermostuin, kun swatcheista ei näyttänyt tulevan mitään! Nämä kaunokaiset näyttivät swatcheissa usein ihan liian vaaleilta... Hieman aurinkoisempi sää olisi ehkä auttanut myös asiaa! Yritin jopa swatchata nämä luomilla mutta taisin aloittaa väärällä sävyllä ja tuo vaaleans…

HiFi Cosmetics sale & new products

Oh no, just ordered new samples and now Veronica created AGAIN too beautiful pigments ;) Here is also sale details: "Black Friday Sale going on all weekend! Enjoy Hi Fi Shadow BOGO, 10% off sample sets, 20% off all MesmerEYES 3-Piece Sets and 30% off EVERYTHING ELSE!"

Juuri tilasin HiFi Cosmeticsilta uusia sävyjä testiin ja johan Veronica laittoi uusia esille. Osa tosin noista on jo tulossa, joulusävyt on kyllä saatava... :D Ja aleaikakin on vielä viikonlopun ajan: luomiväreissä BOGO (osta yksi, saat toisen kaupan päälle), -10% sampleseteistä, -20% kolmen luomivärin seteistä ja muut tuotteet -30%. Alla kuvia HiFin blogista:

HiFi Cosmetics new pigments (pictures from HiFi's blog):

Very pale, champagne-beige.

Pearly, opaque fuschia with dark pink glitter.

Pearly blue-gray-violet with pink sparkles.

Very unique color... Deep pearly green with lots of pink shimmers!

A blackish purple with hologram sparkles!

Super-bright pearly orange.

Very pale in the jar, this color goes on as a

Christmas... by Meow & EOTD with Ghosts of Xmas Past

Meow has a lovely new collection: 12 pains of Christmas. What a name! LOL. "Batteries not incl" sounds so familiar ;) Also other older Christmas collection are now available, I used pigments from Ghosts of Xmas Past-collection in my EOTD.

Meowin sivuilta löytyy uusi joulukokoelma (12 pains of Christmas) sekä muutama vanhakin! Käytin meikissä pigmenttejä kokoelmasta Ghosts of Xmas Past. Ihania ovat :)

I'm very tempted to order, I must say ;) I just hope Meow will eventually get cheaper international shipping option too, ~15 USD is just so much.... Of course I'll order but not so often. New discount code, valid through Sunday 29 th: CatsEatTurkey2

Aika houkuttavaa olisi kyllä tilata... Nuo postikulut vain ovat sen verran kovat, että miettii muutaman hetken pidempään kuitenkin. Nyt tosin sunnuntaihin saakka alea koodilla: CatsEatTurkey2.

-GOSH shadow base
-Meow Pink Sand, caribbean LE (inner lid)
-Meow Santa Baby, Ghost of Xmas past (outer lid, lower lash line)
-Meow Midnight …

Aromaleigh En Pointe permanent colors & swatches

Now part of Aromaleigh's en Pointe collection is made permanent! Here are my swatches:

Nyt tosiaan osa Aromaleighin en Pointe kokoelmasta on pysyvässä kokoelmassa! Ja swatchit seuraavat:
Arabesque: A refined bluish green with highlight shimmers of green and gold. Multi-facted and rich frost. (Frost) This is SO "me", I love this one!
Odile: A deep and mysterious smooth, lush mauve sheen with iridescent shine of green and blue and earthy undertones. (Smooth frost)Dulcinea: Rich warm purple plush matte base with unexpected smooth green iridescent highlight. (Sheen)Serenade: A color inspired by my favorite ballet. Beautiful smooth teal plush matte base with a lush violet iridescent highlight. (Sheen)Aurora: A pinky-beige plush matte base scattered with tiny shimmers of blue and pink. Fit for a princess. (Sheen, slight shimmer) Calliope: As lovely as the muse herself, this is a go-to color. A soft plush matte base beholds softly shimmering beige and lilac tones. (Sheen, slight …

L'Occitane Marvelous hand cream trio & Melvita Rose water

I was looking for a new hand cream. I've using one from Melvita, it was just great but the smell of lavender is so strong... I wanted something else this time (I'll buy Melvita later again). And then I saw this pretty trio from L'Occitane and I just couldn't resist ;) I wasn't sure whether I'll love or hate the smells of cherry and rose but in fact both are just delicious :D Vanilla is nice too but I like the other two more. Vanilla also thicker than the others so I use it at nights.

The scents are:
-the fruity, zesty scent of Sweet Cherry
-the floral, sugary scent of Candied Rose
-the delectable softness of Shea Vanilla

Uuden käsivoiteen hankinta tuli ajankohtaiseksi, kun Melvitan versio loppui. Pidin Melvitastta paljon mutta tuoksu on melkoisen vahva (laventeli tms) ja halusin nyt vaihteeksi jotain muuta. Ja kun sitten näin tämän L'Occitanen trion kaupassa, olihan se pakko saada ;) Olin ihan varma, että pidän vaniljasta mutta en ollut yhtään varma miellyttävä…

Neutral EOTD with Purely Cosmetics

I have a terrible flu and wanted to have a neutral look, I didn't need any extra attention to my tired face and red nose :P I used pigments from Purely Cosmetics and I really liked these! Colors were very easy to blend. In fact I'm going to try these colors when I make up my mom next time (she likes neutrals).

Kammottava flunssa iski, enkä halunnut liikaa huomiota väsyneeseen nassuun ja punakkaan nenääni :P Valitsin neutraalin meikin ja Purelyn pigmentit. Mukava laatuisilta tuntuivat ja olivat helpot häivyttää. Seuraavalla kerralla kun meikkaan äitini, taidan käyttää näitä värejä :)

-Detrivore primer
-Purely Nearly nude shimmer (tear duct, brow bone)
-Purely Champagne (lid)
-Purely Medium Brown semi matte (crease, lower lash line)
-MAC Dipdown fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

Thanks for looking :) Hopefully this flu doesn't last for long time...