Friday, November 13, 2009

Glitter Sniffer mini-review & EOTD

*If you own Glitter Sniffer pigments, please google them. I heard that they sold some "not eye safe" products as an eyeshadow... So I can't recommend this company, at least not at the moment.*
I ordered a small package from Glitter Sniffer @Etsy. This was called "super sampler" and the price was 10 USD. Samples were very small.

Tilasin pikkuisen paketin firmasta nimeltä
GlitterSniffer (Etsy). Paketin nimi oli "super sampler" ja hinta 10 USD, kooltaan samplet olivat todella pienet.

Eye shadows & Spectrum Smear

LACE: "Given the amount applied and amount of light hitting it, it has a stunning pearly gold base with pink and orange iridescent highlights."
MOBSTER: "Mobster is at the very top of our favorites list because of it's unique, deep yet light, rich almost turquoise, icey blue."
SAMMY JO: "Sammy Jo has a vibrant purple base with lots of shimmer. "
RADIATION: "Radiation has a HIGHLY sparkling olive green base with deep, rich, almost cobalt undertones. It is chock full of glitter and a shade that, given my experience in this business, will very quickly become a top selling shade."

Spectrum Smear (no 12): Glittery gel, can be used as an eye liner or mascara.

And EOTD, of course :)

-Detrivore primer
-Sassy Trust me (inner lid, tear duct area)
-Sassy Still Standing (lid)
-GlitterSniffer Radiaton (crease)
-GlitterSniffer Sammy Jo (lower lash line)
-HiFi Tell me lies (browbone)
-Black fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

I was asked for this comparison (with TKB Trading micas) and I must admit that the colors are quite similar... So at least at the moment I can't recommend this company to you.

TKB Taurus Orion & Radiation

Radiation & TKB Taurus Orion

Darla & TKB Apple pop

Lace & Blush beige (not the same color)

Sammy Jo & TKB Grare pop


  1. I agree that glittersniffer's eyeshadows are vibrant. Love her solid perfumes as well, I hope I can haul them during the holidays :D There's only 1 thing I don't like about glittersniffer- the clamshell containers of her fullsized eyeshadows! But maybe she doesn't use those anymore?

  2. I saw Radiation and I had to order it. I just took advantage of Glittersniffer's Buy 3 Get 3 Free. So I decided to grab: Radiation, Marva, Blow
    Sammy Jo, Lace, Fight Club

    I wish that they had sold their solid perfume singly. I wanted to try Glitter.

  3. Ida: I hate clamshells too and always transfer those to regular jars.

    Phyrra: You are going to love Sammy jo! I have to check the other colors too :D

  4. Upeat sävyt! Vihreäkin sopii sulle mainiosti :) Radiation on hirmu kaunis, nam.

    Onpa muuten söpö nimi firmalla, hihitin kun näin sen :D

  5. I've wanted to order from Glittersniffer for a while but never have. She has these $10 grab bags on her etsy that come with a bunch of samples of her different products, so I'm going to order that soon. These swatches look great, now I'm convinced enough to buy. :)

  6. I got this too!! So far I haven't had time to try anything out yet, but I'm pretty pleased! I do wish they normally sold shadow samples though, I never use up a full one anyways! I totally love the Birthday Cake scent!

  7. I'd love to see samples too! Maybe I'll order full sizes but I'd love to see swatches first. Have you seen swatches somewhere already?

  8. I did purchase a couple of pink colors quite a while ago. They were very nice...

  9. Oh my - radiation is very cool! I love the name "Glitter Sniffer." It makes me laugh.

    Very pretty eyes on you! <3

  10. No I haven't seen swatches any where! I don't care for clam shell containers though, I always *always* spill them or get the powder everywhere!

  11. Hi everyone! I wanted to stop and thank Riikka for such an awesome blog review. Very professional and detailed! I want to thank all of you for your support, you re all so sweet and I love reading your comments! I wanted to address the clam shell containers since it was mentioned a few times. The containers are what allows me to host nice sales and give away freebies. If the containers were any more costly, I wouldn't be able to give shoppers 6 for 15$ or 10 for 25$. Perhaps I should offer the other containers in my shop as well? Anyway- again- thank you so much, you girls are rockstars!

  12. :) It would be great if you can offer other containers too!

    Lela, are these colors still in GlitterSniffers shop:
    Can you tell the colors? There are SO many nice colors in those pictures, especially no 13!

  13. Some of these colors look suspiciously like micas straight from TKB. Radiation looks to be Taurus Onion, and Sammy Jo Grape Pop. Can you check the ingredient listing on your samples to see if they match? I poked through Glittersniffer's site, and seem to recognize quite a few colors. Me thinks mica repacker?

  14. No ingredient lists on samples but maybe somebody has full sizes already? Or Lela can tell ingredients.

    I'll get TKB Trading mica later and I can swatch those too, of course!

  15. Many of the colors offered by mineral makeup suppliers would not stay on nor would they apply like an eyeshadow if they were simply "repacked". Calling someone a "repacker" when they have worked incredibly hard for a successful shop is quite honestly, vindictive and slanderous- especially if you own none of my cosmetics. Please keep your questions and comments to the emails in which we have been corresponding through.

  16. Uh, what emails? I've never spoken with you. Although I have to admit, I have some concerns when you don't have your ingredients listed on your samples. Isn't that against FDA labeling laws? I thought perhaps that's what the white paper next to the samples was until I enlarged the picture.

    And since Nea wore a shadow primer, who's to know if these would stay on applied solo? You may very well be making your own shadows, but I do recognize quite a few shades, which is why I asked Nea what the ingredients were. And apparently you either don't know or don't follow labeling laws.

  17. FDA regulations state that sample sizes are not required to list ingredients. I can't make a comment on this company as I have never heard of them before, but I wanted to clarify the regulations. :)

  18. Honestly Beautiful - I've heard the same thing before about samples not needing to have the ingredients listed, but I searched all over the FDA database, and couldn't find it. Do you have a link to where that is? I think I'm not looking in the right place.

  19. I'm pretty sure Glittersniffer have quite a few unique shades and I would personally be surprised if they repackaged. Plus they make a TON of other unique things, which is awesome.

  20. The only other time I've heard the term "glitter sniffer" is as a slang term for women who snort club drugs, with the connotation that they desperately "sniff out" purveyors of said substances at whatever event they're at. Since it's a fairly common term where I'm from and I'm definitely not a glitter sniffer myself, I don't think I'll ever order from this company.

  21. to anonymous

    Well - if u mix adhesives to a piggie - that already counts as creating an eyeshadow ;)

    But really - i cannot blame the seller if some of the colors remind wholesale straight micas - sometimes the straight ones are so pretty that any changes would just ruin it.

  22. these colors of eyeshadows are very pretty and pigmented!


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