Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aromaleigh Valentine 2009 ENCORE for 2 weeks & new HiFi mattes

Maybe I shold just send my credit card to Aromaleigh ;)
1st reason: Valentine 2009 encore for two weeks! Looks just too nice, right?

Taidanpa pian lähettää luottokorttini suoraan Aromaleighille ;)
Syy 1: Valentine 2009-kokoelma. Tämän missasin ja olen kyllä katunut. Asia korjataan hetimiten ;)

Soulmate: A soft, velvety frosted pink that is extremely wearable due to it's buff undertone.

First Kiss: This appears to be a plush, smooth medium cool pink... but it goes on with a surprising violet highlight.

*Bliss: A warm frosted coppery brown with tiny glints of silver throughout.

*Fervor: Cool brown with a heart of pink roses, and bright sparks of copper.

*Chocolate Heart : Luscious cool toned brown, pearlescent.

Sweet Nothings : Rosy mauved light brown with vivid twinklings of blue.

*Be Mine : Soft and buttery smooth frost with unexpected bright twinklings of gold.

*Pillow Talk : Pale buff pink with violet sparkles. Fans of our holiday big seller "Champagne Toast" will love this!

*Love Note : Cool brown with green iridescence. Pearly frost, steely undertones. Like a cooler version of our discontinued "Elfin".

Intrigued: Smooth, pearl frosted warm chocolate brown with a deep undertone.

Hot Stuff : Can't resist vivid coral-red soft frost with violet sparks. Don't be shy!

*Sea of Love : Deep, richest pearlized teal with deep pewter tones and glints of silver.

*Lovelorn : Exquisite! Deepest rose brown with a myriad of smooth iridescence. Sure to please.

xoxo : Purply mauve with coppery iridescence. Very smooth and plush.

Heart and Soul : Sheer, easy to wear vivid magenta with sparks of pink. Can be foiled for more intense application.

Affair: Mid-deep smooth rosy coppered brown with soft golden iridescence.

*Wine and Dine : Wine and rich garnet tones apply like silk with the slightest copper iridescent highlight tone.

2nd reason: HiFi matte collection (coming soon)! I've never seen mattes this bright, can't wait to review these for you :D

Syy 2: HiFi mattet (tulossa pian). Voi apua, en ole ikinä tällaisia matta-luomivärejä nähnytkään! Innolla arvoin nämä teille, kunhan saan pigmentit käsiini :D

Planning to order? Yes, you should :D


  1. MÄÄ HALUAN NOI MATAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Minä myös :D Huutelen heti, kun näen niiden tulevan myyntiin!

  3. Oijoi, ei tarvinnut odottaa kauaa syytä uudelle tilaukselle: Hot Stuff ja Heart&soul kutsuvat noin äkkiseltään ja koko HiFi-kokoelma huutaa mun nimeä!

  4. Love Note huutelee minua ;D Ja nuo vihreät/turkoosit mattet... oi voi... ;D

  5. Gosh, the HiFi Mattes look amazing. The colours are so vivid! Love! Would love to read your review on them. :)

  6. Tiedätkö tuleeko osa Valentine-kokoelmasta myös pysyviin väreihin?

  7. Keijukainen: Juu, pitäisi ainakin tulla :) Ainoastaan Holiday Blastista ei tule, koska osaa materiaaleista en ole enää saatavilla.


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