Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stardust swatches part 2 & EOTD

I wanted to swatch the rest of my Stardust haul right away :)

Halusin swatchata kaikki loputkin Stardust-pigmentit hetimiten :)

1st row: high Maintenance, Maggie, Royal kiss, Bellydancer
2nd row: Andromeda, Aphrodite, *Ara, Sateen
*) unblended pigment

1st row: Equinox, Firefly, Lace, Wings, Moondance
2nd row: Serene, Go to Paris, lady of the Lake, Turquoise

And some blushes:

Beach picnic (prettier irl), Dinner for two & Hottie. Applied very heavily, so don't be scared :)

And EOTD, of course:

-Purely dry skin primer
-Purely Pure Mineral foundation
-DW peach silk powder
-Stardust Dinner for two blush
-BG Tainted lip gloss

-Too faced shadow insurance
-Stardust Extragalactic (lid, tearduct area)
-Stardust Glimmer bark (crease, lower lash line)
-AL dawnbright (brow bone)
-MAC Dipdown fluidline
-Lumene Excellenght+ shiseido mascara base

I really like Extragalactic! Hope you like the swatches :)

Ylläri, tykkään kovasti Extragalacticista ;) Toivottavasti swatcheista oli apua!


  1. Ihana ihana Equinox! Ja ihosi näyttää tässä jotenkin erityisen hehkeältä :)

  2. Minulla on uutta ryppyseerumia ;D Tosin ehkei se ihan päivässä auta. *hekottaa*

  3. I really love those purples! I hope I got them in my last order...can't remember (awful, right?)

    You do the best swatches! None of those highlight colors even show on mine!

  4. Ooh, the turquoise is pretty. I am always so envious of your eye makeup! I can never get that nice v shape outside of the lid.

  5. LisaKate: I NEVER remember what I have ordered. It's terrible! :D

    Heather: Thank you :)


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