Monday, November 9, 2009

Sassy Minerals eye shadow swatches part 5

And the last Sassy swatches, FINALLY! I'd love to see plums with contrasting colored sparkles from Sassy Minerals someday :)

Ja viimeiset swatchini Sassy Mineralsilta, vähän tässä kestikin! Jatkossa haluasin nähdä Sassyltä myös luumuisia sävyjä, niitä ei valikoimista vielä löydy.

Panache: Peachy coral with intense gold shimmer
Perplexed: Shimmering beige with subtle flashes of green and silver
Practically perfect: Rich Golden brown. Love the name, LOL :D
Rebellious: Deceptive rosy orange with violet shimmer and green sparkle
Relax: Soft minty green with gold shimmer
Risk taker: Deep shimmering teal
Salt & Sand: Sandy beige with aqua and gold sparkle. Looks nice!
Smoke & Mirrors: Silver grey
Spin the bottle: Bold green with shimmers of gold.
Sext nerd: Multifaceted antique gold with subtle flashes of blue, green and gold. Very nice and complex color!

It was so hard to photograph these shimmering eyeliners... These are SO MUCH nicer irl!

Näitä ihania rajauksia en saanut kuvattua mitenkään kelvollisesti... Niin paljon kauniimpia luonnossa!

Gasoline Rainbow: Smooth black with intense rainbow of sparkle
Exhibitionist: Smooth black with intense green sparkle


  1. Ooo! I just bought a sample of Sexy Nerd. Seeing it here makes me feel good about that purchase.

    FYI, I've linked you on the front of my blog. Thanks for your excellent articles. ^_~

  2. Nice to see you here to, Painted Moogle :D Sexy nerd is lovely and that name is just so cool. LOL


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