Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aromaleigh Holiday blast collection & EOTD Almost midnight

Aromaleigh's last year's holiday collection Holiday Blast is back for a while! "Many of these colors were created using discontinued pigments, and will not be able to become permanent members of the Aromaleigh collection. Get them now, while you can... Happy Holidays!" I'll get mine :D I ordered Almost Midnight in my first Aromaleigh order, it's really pretty, see EOTD below.

Aromaleighin viime vuoden Holiday Blast-kokoelma on vielä kerran ostettavissa! Monet sävyistä tehtiin nyt jo lopetettujen materiaalien kanssa eli lisää ei välttämättä tule, ainakaan kaikkia sävyjä. Eli kannattaa tehdä kuin minä ja napata omansa välittömästi ;) Almost midnight sävystä minulla onkin jo sample, hankin sen vuosi sitten ekassa AL tilauksessani. Alla päivän meikki sen kera.

High Heels: Velvety satin tea rose buff frost with subtle pink/red shimmer.

Re-Gifted: Smooth metallic copper with a rosy sheen and tiny red sparkles.

*Sneak a Peek: Lusciously pigmented pewter roses with iridescent pink and shimmer.

*Twinkling Lights: Satin lustre medium cool holiday green with pink/red twinkling shimmer sparks.

Spiked Punch: Brownish warm coral with borealis sparkle.

Tangled Tinsel: Metallic true silver with bright glints of iridescent sparkle.

*Times Square: Bordeaux-based brown velvet shimmer with a twinkling of silvery iridescent sparkle.

*Party Dress: Like true liquid shimmering gold with hot sparks of gold sparkle.

*Champagne Toast: A softer dramatic holiday shade. A nude pinkish fawn/champagne tone with bright aqua shimmer sparkles dancing in the light.

*Almost Midnight: The brightest, most vibrant jewel of a purple with dramatic blue shadowy sparkles.

*Cookie Party: Smooth and warm velvety brown with green iridescence and red/pink highlight sparkles. Colorful!

*Not So Silent Night: Deepest pure midnight blue with a shock of aurora borealis sparkle.

*) Nea's favorites ;)

-Detrivore primer
-AL Butterfly Opulent lustre (lid)
-AL Swank elemental lustre (outer lid)
-AL Almost midnight Holiday blast LE (crease, lower lash line)
-MAC fluidline Macroviolet
-LashStiletto wp

Butterfly: Purplish blue that glides on like quicksilver
Swank: A mysterious lustrous pool of navy blue complexity with shimmers of deep pewter, cobalt and burgundy
Almost midnight: The brightest, most vibrant jewel of a purple with dramatic blue shadowy sparkles.

Are you planning to order Holiday Blast colors? If you already have these, which are your favorites?


  1. I think I'll be getting Champagne Toast & Not so Silent Night. Butterfly looks so great on you!

  2. I can't wait to order these! I want Not So Silent Night, Tangled Tinsel, and Twinkling Lights.

  3. Times Square näyttää ihanalta! Nyt täytyy yrittää vähän pidätellä, ei tästä tule mitään jos alan himota kaikkia mineraaleja joita esittelet blogissasi... :D

  4. I have Cookie Party and Twinkling Lights. I love Cookie Party! Twinkling Lights didn't look as good on me as I thought it would, though. But I am liking it now layered over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, which I recently purchased... brings out the richness a bit more. I might have to play with this color a bit more because it is such a pretty green.

  5. Twinkling lights sounds very interesting... Oh no, I think I really need to order these ;)

  6. What a lovely look! You chose colors that meshed really well together! Bet it looks great with your skintone.

  7. Oh, and I am not a big pink fan, but I think High Heels hasn't received enough attention.

    I actually like High Heels more than Champagne Toast, but ordered Champagne Toast anyway b.c. everyone else likes it so much, haha.

  8. The purple looks good with the silver! Nice.

  9. TALLY: I wasn't that interested in Champagne toast but because so many likes it, I think I need it too :D

    PHYRRA: Thanks :)


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