Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Matte swatches

I got the samples from Aromaleigh to review & swatch, thank you MissK!

I tried to swatch these lovely, vibrant colors many times but somehow some of the colors looked too light in the pictures... Unfortunately the weather has been just terrible here in Finland, very dark and rainy... I even tried to swatch these on eyes but maybe I started with wrong color and I looked like Agneta from ABBA :D

I just washed my makeup and applied Big Tickle only :D Sorry about the application but I just wanted to show how pigmented these are. Very easy to blend too!

So sorry, the swatches are not that good but I'll do some EOTD's asap!

Sain nämä ihanat Retro Hi-Fi Mattet Aromaleighiltä arvoita ja swatcheja varten. Hieman siis hermostuin, kun swatcheista ei näyttänyt tulevan mitään! Nämä kaunokaiset näyttivät swatcheissa usein ihan liian vaaleilta... Hieman aurinkoisempi sää olisi ehkä auttanut myös asiaa! Yritin jopa swatchata nämä luomilla mutta taisin aloittaa väärällä sävyllä ja tuo vaaleansininen sai aikaa melkoiset Abba Agneta fiilikset. Kääk :D

Real Gone: Bright lemony yellow.
In Orbit:
wicked chartreuse green (this color has the slightest lustre)
True lime green.
A vivid cool green.

Big Tickle: That quintessential cyan teal blue.
Daddy-o: slightly muted turquoise blue.
Fake Out: slightly muted cool blue with a hint of violet tones. Blue Note, perhaps?
Cool It:
Vivid bright spaced-out blue.

Train Wreck: Pinked red.
Kookie: The girliest cool pink ever.
Heels on Fire: Intense mauved pink.
Cranked: Slightly muted coral red (this color has the slightest lustre).

Cat's Pajamas: matte coral with warm orange tones. It's not orange, it's not red.
Ankle Biter:
Warm-toned orange, bright!
Flip your Lid:
atomic orange!
Intense coral orange.

*sorry, this one is the worst swatch :(*

What's Shakin'?: Cool toned purple.
Got Dibs:
Warm toned purple.
In the Mix:
smoked violet.
smoked mauve with earthy tones.

Are you interested in Retro Hi-Fi mattes? Quality is excellent, as always in Aromaleigh products :)


  1. Jaan tuskasi valon puutteen kanssa! Tämän päivän meikki Meow:n Egyptian-väreillä: kultaa ja metallista vihreää. Kaiken järjen mukaan noilla pitäisi saada kunnon Kleopatra-silmät, mutta päivän harmaudessa poikaystävä toteaa "ai sulla on tänään tuollanen naturel meikki". Iltapäivällä kun taivas rakoili ja aurinko oikein paistoi(!) n. tunnin ajan niin yhtäkkiä luomivärit heräsivät henkiin ja poikaystävä luuli et olin meikannut jo toiseen kertaan eri väreillä :D

    Kiitos swatcheista siis! Kiva kuitenki et pystyy vertailemaan useampien swatchien välillä, kun aina jossain joku väri ei toistu niinkuin pitäisi. Ja ens kerran kun oot menossa naamiaisiin niin muista tuo Agneta-look ;)

  2. It is nice to know that they are easy to blend. I know you need to pile on a lot for it to show up in photos. Thanks for the swatches.

  3. Your swatches are fabulous! Thanks so much for doing that.

    I was worried the mattes might be chalky but I haven't gotten any yet... seeing reviews like this remind me that they're worth buying.

  4. I still have to place an order for these! I'm waiting for the sale :) I really like Cat's Pajamas and What's Shakin!

  5. LK: You are going to love Cat's pajamas :D

    Painted Moogle: Kristen really creates great mattes!

    Lyndsey: I hope EOTD's will be better :)

    Keijukainen: Tavaliset shimmerit ovat aika helppoja swatchata mutta metalliset ja mattasävyt aina niin hankalia... Suunnitelmissa laittaa tänään vihreä meikki näillä ;)

  6. I love her colors, but do you realize what she has done to me because of one well thought out negative and positive review? I spent so much time on that review 4 months ago. I just really wished she would change her general attitude so her business could grow. I didn't deserve secret leakings of her anger about my epinions review. Which I have now reposted.

  7. I love your swatches. You've been bookmarked & shared with my friends so we can check out swatches before buying. :)

    I've got some of the Hi-Fi mattes in my cart, I just have to finish figuring out what I want so I can send the order.

  8. Tally: :(

    Hoyden: That's nice to know :) And it's always so hard to decide what to order...

  9. Thanks Nea! I mainly overreacted b.c. of the posts that occured after I was banned from the blog. And the fact that Kristen banned my reposting of my epinions reviewc (that I had taken down out of pity for her). Thanks for not getting involved, I can still follow you!


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