Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner (grey)

This Maybelline Master Drama is a very soft and pigmented eyeliner pencil. Last very well (see my "after 14 hours" picture below). You also have to sharpen it very often, this is just SO soft! It's "master drama" so it really might not be the best for everyday use (depends what you like, naturally). But still like it and will use in the evenings! You can really add drama to your look with this! I got the grey color, it looks black on my light skin. The black one might be better, if you are very dark toned.

Maybelline Master Drama on erittäin pehmeä ja pigmenttinen silmänrajauskynä. Pysyi todella hyvin (alla kuva 14 tunnin jälkeen). Pehmeytensä takia tätä pitää myös terotella ahkerasti. Ei ehkä paras arkipäivään (riippuu toki millaista lopputulosta milloinkin haluaa) mutta eiköhän tätä tule iltaisin käytettyä. Ja halloweenina tietysti :D Tällä todellakin saa draamaa katseeseen! Itse otin tämän harmaan ja näyttää vaalealla iholla lähes mustalta :)

Eyeshadows: Lumene Arctic light solo & Lumene Magical polar solo


  1. Whoa, I really like it! Here in Portugal we only have the black one =/

  2. That looks awesome! It does look black on you. I like soft liner pencils and it is good to know how they last. I have NYX soft slide on liner, I like it but the blue is too bright, I am looking for a navy blue.

  3. Wow Im loving the grey. I just bought the turquoise one.

    Please check out my blog. I'm new to blogging and would love any tips you could give me :)


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