Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My favorites from Germany: Alverde Naturkosmetik

DM shops might not look that appealing but you can find very good & cheap cosmetics from there! My favorite brand is Alverde, their own brand so it's not sold elsewhere. The prices are CHEAP and most products are eco certified. Fir example the body butter is very good and the price is just 2.95€/ 200ml!

DM ei ehkä näytä ulospäin kovinkaan houkuttelevalta mutta kannattaa ehdottomasti Saksan reissuilla (löytyy toki myös muutamasta muustakin maasta) käväistä kurkkaamassa valikoimaa. Oma suosikkini on DM:n oma merkki Alverde, tätä ei muualta löydy. Tuotteet ovat halpoja ja hyviä, suurin osa myös ekoserfioitua luonnonkosmetiikkaa. esimerkkinä aivan loistava vartalovoi: 2.95€/ 200 ml!

The the best: Alverde Body Butter Macadamianuss Karitébutter! More about this product in my older post here.
Ehdoton suosikkini on siis Macadamianuss Karitébutter-vartalovoi! Lisää tuotteesta vanhasta postauksestani täältä.

Alverde body butter Honig melone
A sweeter scent, very nice too!

Alverde Foot butter:
One of my favorites, you can read more about Alverde foot care from my older post here.
Toinen suosikkini: jalkavoide! Lisää tuotteesta täällä.

Alverde lip balsam:
This was ok but nothing special. Well, not expensive anyway :D
Huulirasva oli "ihan ok", eipä ollut kalliskaan kyllä ;)

Deo spray Acerolakirsche Cranberry: 
The scent is SO GOOD!  Not the most effective but the scent is just delicious :D
Kirsikantuoksuinen deodorantti, ei mikään pitävin mutta niin ihana tuoksu!

My favorites: Alverde shampoos & conditioners, you can read more about hair care product from my older post  here.
Suosikkeja taas, Alverden shampoot ja hoitoaineet. Näitä tulee kannettua melkoiset määrät kotiin :D Lisää niistä täältä.

Shower gel: 
It's ok, bought this for the scent :D Yummy!
Suihkugeelit ovat aika lirua, ei näitä suuremmissa määrin kannata kotiin kantaa. Mutta tuoksu on ihana!

And eye shadow palettes, usually very nice and pigmented ones!
Luomivärit ovat yleensä varsin hyviä! Tällä kertaa mukaan tarttui Fairy Forest. Ei moitittavaa!

Have you tried Alverde? Any favorites?


  1. I discovered Alverde last year, spending holidays in Germany. My favorites are face creams with goji-berry.

  2. I really liked my Alverde clear brow gel. Did as good job as more expensive ones.

  3. Olen lähdössä pe-aamuna Berliiniin melkein tyhjällä laukulla. Taitaa olla laukku pullollaan kempparikamaa, kun tulen takaisin :) Toivon mukaan silti löydän uudet kengät sieltä.

  4. I'm German living in Finland and yes - I do buy Alverde and other BDIH (German standard with a long tradition of ecological products) eco certified cosmetics - in Germany and elsewhere. I hardly buy anything in Finland, because of the prices, still my house looks like an outlet :/. Oh, time to use up.

    My fav by alverde is the 3 in 1 sea buckthorn (tyrni, nam!) vitaminserum, because it's light and lovely. Even if it's a normal size, it's handy for travelling, etc. As far as I know, Alverde is throughout certified, not only part of the products. I wonder how they manage to produce it in Germany, still keep it as a "no name" with a outstanding eco test results and without riding on the "kotimainen" image to boost the prices! They well can be placed among Lavera, Alva, Dr. Hauschka.

    Next trip with an empty suitcase is already planned. Ah, did I say, I need to use up my stash? ;)

    Nice to read your tests! And I've got a norwegian forest cat - I enjoy your cat pictures too. Siberians are beautiful.

    (now just too lazy to write Finnish, but...)

    Greetings from Porvoo, Sonia

  5. I also love Alverde... bought quite a lot them in my last trip to Germany. Shampoo & conditioners are very good. I like creme dusch peelings also.And I love their lipsticks! Strong pigment, beautiful colors. I did not like mascaras, however, I thought one of them did some allergy, and they really didn't do anything special for lashes.

  6. Have you also tried other cheap eco-cosmetics in Germany? There are other trademarks as well.Terra Naturi is one of them, its' rose scented shower gel is ...lovely. They have also make-up cosmetics, I'll try to find out next time I'll go to Germany also Alviana cosmetics, I tried its' rose-scented face wash gel and love it... --- There is ecological supermarket called 'Alnatura' which have very good selection of ecological cosmetics, worth to check that shop if you find it around! (in Berlin. Freieburg.)... there are so many more products in Germany with ecological background it is almost unbelievable. See http://www.kontrollierte-naturkosmetik.de/e/producer_natural_cosmetics.htm

  7. The history of organic cosmetics is far longer in Germany: lavera celebrates 25th birthday! I asked once if DM or Rossmann is planning to expand to Finland (some of them went to Estonian or Danish market), but no. I don't think it would survive on the small and protected market and with this taxation. I rather shop there or shop online - the prices would again rip us off. Alnatura are the edible products of DM, or what do you mean?

    1. Alnatura is shop's name, big supermarket shops with ecological products from food to cosmetics and everything between :).See http://www.alnatura.de/. It is worth to visit if you spot it somewhere in Germany. You can find places in Google maps. It sells many marks of ecological cosmetics, I found Alviana there.


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