Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sleek PPQ Me, Myself & Eye palette EOTDs

EOTDs with Sleek PPQ Me, Myself & Eye palette.

EOTD1: Lilac Allen, Supernova (taupe) & Barry White. Too light combination for my taste... But Lilac Allen is a very pretty shade!

EOTD 2: Golden Silvers, Primal Green & Black Box. Oh, I loved this look! I used just a touch of black to darken the crease. The black one is really pigmented :)

EOTD 3: Barry White, Fade to Grey, Salt n' Peppermint & Blue Monday. Gorgeous colors!


  1. Beautiful colors. I love Simply Red, it's quite unique shade of red (is it really so fire-engine red as it seems?), almost no palette has this one :-).

  2. All three eye looks are very flattering & I like the blushes on you. I think you have some winning colors there!


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