Sunday, June 10, 2012

iHerb shopping: tea, household products, soap, lip balms etc

Mostly old favorites... As you can see, you can order different types of products from iHerb :D

Method Laudry detergent refill, 19.98 USD/ 1 L
Method gel hand wash refill, 5.50 USD/ 1 L

Method hand soap (waterfall), 3.92 USD/ 354 ml

My favorite hair conditioner Giovanni 50:50 balanced!

South of France soap: This one is still untested :)

Citrus green tea, Silver needle tea...

And organic green tea. I LOVE green & white tea! Just remember not to use boiling water with delicate white & green teas (makes them bitter, yuck).

Now Foods essential oils...

Indigo Wild Zum Kiss lip balms, 2.96 USD.

Crazy Rumors lip balm, I have several of these. Very nice lip balms! 2.69 USD.

Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade salt scrub. I wanted to test this one too, Hot Chocolate sugar scrub (link to my post) is already one of my favorites. I didn't like this as much... Felt oilier? I also prefer sugar scrubs, because my skin is dry (salt can feel terrible on irritated skin). Matter of taste, naturally! The scent is lovely.

Power Herbs Cranberry Power capsules, 8.10 USD/ 60 capsules.

-5 USD from your first order with my code BAC791 :)


  1. Ooh I recently bought the Giovanni chocolate scrub and I'm really enjoying it, smells so delish!

  2. Sims like great produtcs!


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