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BE Buxom Babes about town swatches and review

A few of my frieds are Bare Escentuals Buxom-addicts, so I just had to try these babes! Size is smaller than regular (2 ml) but I always like to have more than just one color :) Babes about town kit contains 4 lip sticks and 4 lip polishes. First of all, the smell (caramel?) is divine! I even got compliments of my perfume and all I was wearing was these babes. LOL. But unfotunately my lips feel FREEZING (it's much more that "tingly sensation", really) when I apply this... Staying power is very good because I definitely do not want to touch my lips. Lip polishes are not sticky and I like that! Lip Stick are pencil like are quite dry. These are ok under Buxom lip polish though but I cound't use these without lipgloss. I will definitely use these in special occasions but not daily, since my lips nearly hurt when I use Buxoms... And I wouldn't want to kiss my kids when I'm using these! Have you tried Buxoms and what do you think? Maybe my skin is just too sensiti


Cover all mix (swatches below) I finally found my HG product to cover my dark under eyes! I got idea from lovely Sagu (Happy Contours) and absolutely LOVE this product :D Cover all Blue is quite dark and orange-y but it works, really! I've never used this dark product under eyes before. Cover all mix has also two other colors: Cover all red (yellow) and light beige to lighten up the other shades. It's also possible to buy the colors separately but I wanted to have this one :) MUS has also Cover all mix-Dark for darker skintones. "Cover All Mix is a high pigmented concealer that neutralizes and covers. The yellow concealer covers red areas such as spots and blood vessels. The orange-red concealer covers blue areas like dark rings under the eyes. The beige concealer lightens up skin tones and the other to concealers. It is also perfect as a primer for your eyeshadows. Apply with a synthetic brush for at thin result. You can also mix the concealer with Blend & Fix for a

Mum Mum's greens & Kinky in Helsinki

I practically NEVER use pinks on my nails but now I wanted to try Opi Kinky in Helsinki. And I have to say that I really do not like this :D But maybe this still is a must have for all Finnish nail polish addicts. LOL En käytännössä koskaan käytä pinkkejä lakkoja mutta täytyihän sitä OPIn Kinky In Helsinki kuitenkin saada ;) Olisin voinut jättää testin väliin, en kertakaikkiaan pidä tästä... Mutta kaipa tämä kunnon lakkafriikin valikoimiin on silti kuuluttava :D And here is the EOTD using Mum Mum's greens: -GOSH Primer -Mum Mum's Spring Dew LE (tear duct area, inner lid) -Mum Mum's Jade (lid) -Mum Mum's Emerald forest (crease, lower lashline) -MAC Fluidline Blitz and Glitz -Lumene Excellenght+ Shiseido mascara base

Alima Pure in Europe

I just heard that there will be a new distributor of Alima products in Europe. Unfortunately that usually means higher prices. The prices were not up yet though... Let's hope the prices remain reasonable! Read more here . I made an order right away, because I had to order soon anyway. I LOVE Alima's brushes! picture: Kuulin juuri, että Alimalle tulee jälleenmyyjä Eurooppaan. Useinhan tämä tarkoittaa kalliimpia hintoja :( Hinnat eivät olleet vielä näkyvillä eli peukut pystyssä, että pysyvät kohtuullisina! Lue lisää täältä . Vielä tilaaminenkin onnistui ja ostin tuotteet, jotka kuitenkin pian tilaisin. Nuo siveltimet ovat ihan mahtavat!

Mum Mum's milk chocolate & about purely cosmetics

Once again I decided not order anything but then a lovely reader of this blog contacted and send me this link. It's a video review made by Enkore, telling about Purely cosmetics. Well, just look the video! Especially if you have acne scars or super-oily skin. I don't have those problems but I still found many interesting products from Purely Cosmetics :) I wanted to test the foundation, primer for normal/dry skin & DIAMOND powder. I really like the ingredients this company uses! I also contacted the owner, Robyn, before I ordered and she answered me right away. I'll tell more when the products arrive. I'll post some eyeshadow swatches too, since I "accidentally" ordered the sample pack of 22 colors... Oops. I hope I get the color called Purple Koala ;D I also added Robyn's blog to my blog list because I found her blog very informative, and funny too! But I can't post any Purely pics yet but here is my second FOTD with Mum Mum's . This is my

Mum Mum's mini-review, swatches & FOTD

I was quite sure I won't look for new minerals companies from Etsy (I just have too much stuff already :D) but then I went to Mum Mum's site ... Well, I just found their site so lovely and Lucy was so nice too :D I ordered some samples and full size of LE color "spring dew" and Orange Sherbet lipbalm. I found the colors beautiful and unique, this company does NOT sell repacked stuff! "With more research and loads of experiments, I developed my own mineral makeup line." Next time I'll try also the hand made soaps. I didn't take the foundation since it contain silica (I can't use it in foundation) but I found the other products very nice! For example Peach 3 in 1 colors is just divine. I've tried only a few eyeshadows yet but so far I really like these! Samples are in baggies (5 samples/ 5 USD) and LE full sizes in 5g sifter jars (5 USD). Eyeshadows/3 in 1 colors/blushes are in 10g jars and the price is 7 USD. There is also Limited edition min

The She Space Libra & Hope Quad 2 swatches

I just noticed that The She Space Scorpio Astrology collection is up! Yippee :D "Scorpio joins the party! And might I just add that these colors are actually darker than they appear in the please keep that in mind!" says Heather . One of my favorites is this one: TERROR IN THE STREETS: Deep plum burgandy shimmer with gold, pink and copper twinkle The She Spacen Skorpiooni-horoskooppikokoelma on nyt ostettavissa ja aika ihanilta näyttävätkin :) Heather tosiaan mainitsi, että sävyt ovat oikeasti tummemmat kuin kuvissa eli se kannattaa pitää mielessä. Silmääni iski heti tuo kuvassa oleva Terror in the streets. ______________________________________________ Oops.. I've been bad ;) I received The She Space, Detrivore and Aromaleigh orders today! Here are the swatches of TSS pigments first, if this helps you to choose what to order from the sale I mentioned a few posts ago. Hupsan... On tullut vähän shoppailtua ;) Sain tänään The She Space, Detrivore ja Aromaleig

The She Space Glitz swatches

Heather from The She Space did it again! She so going to get all my money ;) LOL My Glitz samples arrived today and I haven't tried these yet but as you can see, these colors are SOMETHING. All applied dry over Lumene primer. See my previous post about the extended (10/31) sale! Heather The She Spacelta teki sen taas! Eihän meikäläisellä pysy tätä menoa rahat ollenkaan kukkarossa ;) Glitz - samplet siis saapuivat ja jestas mitä värejä! Pigmentit swatchattu kuivana Lumenen primerin päällä. Edellisessä viestissäni lisätietoa pidennetystä (31.10.09) alesta! Iced crystal glitz, smurfberry blast, skating on black ice Citrus ambush, Lemon lime brain freeze, Lime-Ricky, Sweet tart terror Iced crystal glitz is AMAZING! And some other colors: -World class heroes (August LE, A tribute to our troops) soft charcoal shimmer with a bit of iridescent light -Ms. Status Quo (Virgo) Metallica grape shimmer with a very distinct layer of copper, then aqua and gold sparkle -Vixen is a virgo? (Virgo

Sale continues @The She Space!

Oh my... Heather's birthday sale continues until 31 st of October! Just use this page to get ANY full size pigment in just 2.50 dollars. Scorpio Astrology collection will up soon, so you also order those pigments too. Cool :D I'm also happy to share this information with you: Hi Sweet Nea! I make every single single one of the pigments on the site... all of them... because I am obsessed with color and can't be stopped! LOL!!! So, yes, those pigments are all me! Thanks for asking! If you ever see anybody saying that they are not made by me, please let them know that they are. Thanks for asking!!! Have a fabulous week! Heather I've been her customer for about 1.5 years now and knew it, but I still asked so you can be sure too! Sorry, this picture is terrible... But I'll post swatches & EOTD's soon. Ou nou... Heatherin synttäriale jatkuun kuun loppuun! Alen saadakseen täytyy käyttää tätä sivua , kaikki täysikokosiet pigmentit tosiaan 2.50 dollaria kappalee

EOTD Sassy Minerals Hot date

I love Sassy Minerals pigment called Hot Date :D I really like eyeshadows like this one: smooth and pigmented base with contrasting glitter. Aromaleigh has a full collection of this type eyeshadows: the Bete Noires. If you haven't tried Bete Noires, I highly recommendend those too! The contrasting glitter makes these so interesting. I also tried my new Too faced Liquif-eye today and I really like it. Rakastan Sassy Mineralsin Hot date-pigmenttiä :D Muutenkin pidän juuri tällaisista pigmenteistä eniten: pehmoinen ja pigmenttinen pohjasävy ja lisänä eriväristä glitteriä. Tämän tyylisiä löytyy myös Aromaleighiltä kokonainen kokoelma. Aromaleighin Bete Noiret ovatkin suurimpia suosikkejani :) Kokeilin heti myös Too Facedin Liquif-eyetä (tällä saa luomiväristä helposti rajausvärin). Hieman nyt suttaantui mutta ensi kerralla osaan jo käyttää paremmin! -GOSH eye shadow primer -Sassy Immersed (lid) -Sassy Hot Date (crease, lower lid) -Sassy Silk sheets (browbone) -Aromaleigh Drama queen

Sephora haul :D

Unfortunately we don't have Sephora here in Finland and I think if we had, they would not sell the brands I'm most interested in (the ones not already sold in Finland ;). I visited once in Hong Kong Sephora but at least then they didn't have Too faced, Sephora by OPI or Urban Decay there :/ But now my husband visited Boston and of course gave a shopping list to him :D So here's what I got: Valitettavasti Sephoraa Suomesta ei löydy ja vaikka löytyisikin, niin tuskin myisi merkkejä jotka meikäläistä eniten kiinostaa... Kerran käväisin Hong Kongin Sephorassa mutta eivät myyneet esim. Too facedia, Sephora by OPI-lakkoja tai Urban Decaytä :/ Mutta nytpä mies käväisi Bostonissa ja tietenkin annoin ostoslistan mukaan. Tässäpä tuliaiseni: -Sephora by OPI: Absinthe makes the heart -Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes about town kit -Too faced Liquif-eye (eye shadow transformer eyeliner) -Sephora sponge (I wanted the Beautyblender but they didn't have it) Here is the picture of my ne

Mineral makeup mutiny!

Please join in Mineral makeup mutiny! "We will be providing lists of companies who are actually creating their own product, companies that offer both, and companies that are repackaging." And that great because it's sometimes hard to tell, especially if you have just started with MMU. Or just don't have same color already. Some companies I know are making their own mineral makeup: - Aromaleigh - The She Space - Meow - Fyrinnae - Dreamworld - mum mum's crafts - Sassy Minerals - LaurEss - Alima - Morgana minerals - Beautiful girl minerals - Everyday minerals - Lily Lolo - Elemental Beauty - Cory - SilkNaturals - Suds n sass - HiFi Cosmetics - Purely Cosmetics -Archetype -Evil Shades -Stardust Cosmetics (Stardust sells also "unblended pigments" and those colors are marked with *) -and MANY more :) For now on I'll always read what the company tells in their website! Do they really tell that products are formulated by the themselves or do they just "

Halloween day & night

I were supposed to have a halloween party tonight in my god son's house, but unfortunate some of the kids got sick and we had to postpone the party. But in the morning I thought we are going to have the party and I knew that I won't have enought time to do my makeup after work, so I wanted to make makeup suitable for work and add some more color later :) I used mainly Meow Halloween products. Kummipojan äidin piti järjestää tänään halloween juhlat mutta muutama lapsista tuli kipeäksi ja juhlia piti siirtää. Aamulla kuitenkin vielä luulin, että illalla juhlitaan. Tiesin ettei minulla ole töiden jälkeen aikaa tehdä koko meikkiä, joten tein pohjaksi kevyemmän version. Sitä saa nopeammin tummennettua Halloween sopivaksi mutta kehtaa käydä päivällä töissäkin :D Käytin enimmäkseen Meowin halloween-tuotteita. Here is my daytime look : -Meow equilibrium -Sassy cool light founadtion -Aromaleigh Corset blush -Aromaleigh you're a doll powders -Allure by Jen lippie Dusty rose -GOSH

Sassy Minerals review, swatches & FOTD

I'm was very happy when I received package from Sassy Minerals and I'm glad I had a chance to review these VERY nice products! First of all, I really like Sassy Minerals website! I find it very easy and pleasant to browse, looks very professional :) And the products sure look nice too! I also like the names, I have to order a few just because of their names. LOL. Samples are in jars. I personally like sample baggies too but if you are just starting with MMU, jars are much easier. Pricing is very reasonable, for example eye shadows are 0.75 USD (sample size in jar) or 4.25 USD (full size , 5 g jar with sifter) . Samples are enough for several uses. Definitely worth 0.75 USD! Shipping was fast and customer service very good. I tried international shipping costs and got following: -5 samples 2.28 -10 samples 4.80 -15 samples 7.32 -20 samples 9.04 -25 samples 9.04 -30 samples 10.76 -40 samples 12.48 -50 samples 15.92 -60 samples (worth 45 USD) 17.64 -free shipping on orders over