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All the cosmetic products I bought this month/ August

I wrote this a month ago: "I REALLY have too much cometics, I mean REALLY... Now I have everything organized in my makeup table & chest of drawers so I really saw how much I have. It's really quite terrible :P I decided that no-buy is not my thing, it's like a diet: you just want more, more and MORE. But I decided that I have to tell you what I've bought on August, so 8/31 you will see my list and sure hope it is a short one!" I had a permission to buy following products, but I didn't buy any of these . Yay :D -some full sizes from Garden of Wisdom ->no need for ordering yet. -some brushes from Sigma (powder brush, flat top kabuki ja E60 ( SS252) eyeshadow-> didn't order from Sigma yet and decided that I need just that eyeshadow brush. -Nfu Oh cuticle remover, I need it ->still need it but I didn't buy it, yet. Näin lupailin kuukausi sitten: "Minulla on TODELLAKIN aivan liikaa kosmetiikkaa, mikä ei toki liene yllätys blogini

[review] Archetype Cosmetics

First of all, I personally can not recommend ordering from Archetype. The pigments are gorgeous, really, and prices are cheap BUT... You might get your order in 3 or 4 months, like I did. I hope the owner answers the emails nowadays, at least a few years ago she didn't. It's just a shame, because the colors truly are lovely. If I really wanted to make an new order, I personally woudn't dare order much. I would wait until I get my order and make a small order again. I even might order again, maybe, someday. After the first look I wasn't that imperessed. Yes, the quality is very good, but the colors were not that unique. I just remembered how much I liked these when I got my order... En voi henkilökohtaisesti suositella Archetypeltä tilaamista. Pigmentit ovat aivan upeita, todellakin,ja hinnat halvat MUTTA... Saatat saada tilauksesi 3-4kk maksusta, kuten minä. Toivottavasti omistaja vastailee tätä nykyä posteihinsa, minulle ei ainakaan vastannut ainakaan. Sääli, pigment

[EOTDs] High Voltage

High Voltage pigments are so lovely. I really like the colors, quality and customer service! I've ordered from there a few times and I'l order from there in the future too :) Ihan mukava testata vuorotellen eri mineraalimerkkejä :) Paljon on vielä tulossa mutta tällä kertaa vuorossa on High Voltage. Pigmentit ovat kauniita, laatu erinomainen ja asiakaspalvelukin pelaa! Muutaman kerran olen tilannut ja tilaan varmasti tulevaisuudessakin :) I love Rock n roll-Prince Charming: I love Rock n Roll :D Easy & lovely color, just perfect. This kind of EOTDs I like most in daytime use :) -Detrivore primer -High Voltage I love rock n roll (lid) -High Voltage Prince Charming (crease, lower lashline) -Lumene NC mineral shimmer (browbone) Ziggy Stardust-Night Life-Taboo, Taboo : Beautiful colors but I think this EOTD was too bold, even for me, in daytime use. LOL. But as you can see, these are pigmented! I just should have applied lighter color to the inner corner of the lid in daytime

Ahava "mineral" makeup

I saw Ahava mineral makeup in local department store and of course I had to a closer look :D Skin-friendly makeup, enriched with Dead Sea minerals, anti oxidants Dunaliella seaweed & nourishing plant extracts. Leaves the skin soft & healthy, supplies natural UVA/UVB protection. Mineral Makeup Care line smoothes over fine wrinkles & imperfection, for a natural glowing look. Suitable for sensitive skin / Allergy tested / Non comedogenic / Fragrance free / Paraben free / Not tested on animals. Unfortunately my joy didn't last for a long time: liquid makeup is full of silicones and loose powders contain PFTE... polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE ) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that finds numerous applications. PTFE is most well known by the DuPont brand name Teflon . Wikipedia Näin Ahavan uudet "mineraali"meikit Sokoksella ja pakkohan niitä oli tutkia tarkemmin :D Inciä lukiessa pettymys tuli kuitenkin nopeasti... Meikkivoide on

[SWATCH & EOTDs] Fyrinnae

I finally managed to make a new Fyrinnae order, somehow Fyrinnae's shopping cart hates me (read: loves my wallet ;D). But these pigments were worth a little work, the colors are incredible! I've also heard that not many have this problem with the cart, so don't worry :). The only one I wasn't that interested after swatching was the brown one, Kung Pao, it looked too boring. But when I tried it, it looked VERY amazing :D When I first tried Fyrinnae pigments, it was years ago, I found these too "difficult". The reason was that I was used much less pigmented eyeshadows... But it took just a few days to get addicted to these :D Fyrinnae is one of my favorite MMU companies and I've been their customer for years now! Sain vihdoin aikaiseksi tilata Fyrinnaelta, saan aina tapella ostokorin kanssa (parempi juttu toki kukkarolle ;). Nyt kun pigmentit sain, täytyy sanoa, että oli silti vaivan arvoista :D Nämä ovat aivan mielettömän kauniita! Ja suurimmalla osalla ei

[review] Beautiful Girl Minerals & many EOTDs

I bought a few pigments from Beautiful Girl Minerals (BG Minerals) looong time ago (year 2008 to be exact) and I think I had 3 or 4 pigments but I could only find this one called Classy, anymore. I decided to review it for you anyway, but I shouldn't have done that ;) As told you, I try to buy less this month (August 2010) and I tried BG Minerals Classy on 1st of August. Yep, I LOVED it and ordered more immediately. Haha. I'm hopeless :D Ostin kauan aikaa sitten (vuonna 2008 tarkalleen ottaen) muutamia pigmenttejä Beautiful Girl Mineralsilta (BG Minerals), muistaakseni sävyjä oli minulla ainakin kolme... Nyt löysin vain yhden nimeltä "Classy". Ajattelin kuitenkin arvioida sen teille ja tänä tapahtui siis 1. päivä elokuuta. Vakkarilukijat tietysti jo arvaavat, ettei se ihan järkevä päätös ollut ;) Varsinkaan kun vietän nyt elokuussa "osta vähemmän"-kuukautta. Pigmentti oli niin ihana ja kuinka ollakaan, tilasin muutaman samplen lisää ;) -Detrivore primer -