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Sleek Sparkle palette swatches & EOTDs

Aww, gorgeous... I had to get this LE palette from Sleek makeup! I bought some palettes from London (my swatches here ) but this time I tested their webshop . Delivery time was ok, 2.5 weeks to Finland. I've heard they had a lot of problems with the -50% day... I'm in fact glad I didn't notice that :P Hope you got your orders already! Sparkle palette is sparkly, surprise. LOL. The colors are SO soft & pigmented, the not sparkly ones (Gold ribbon & Tinsel) seem to be excellent, satiny eyeshadows. I haven't tested Noir yet but it feels like matte, not satiny. All the sparkly colors have quite a lot of glitter in them, so if you don't like glitter, don't buy this palette. When there is glitter, there is also fall out... So add some powder (like silk powder) under you eyes. I like the sparkly ones and those are not difficult to use (at least if you are used to glittery colors). Minun oli pakko tilata tämä Limited Edition Sparkle-paletti Sleek Makeupilta!

Emani minerals Hybrid eyeshadow "O' Behave"

I got this new Emani Hybrid eyeshadow, because I had trouble with the previous one: it felt so hard and unpigmented. There must have really been something wrong with that one because this O' Behave is very nice (and almost creamy)! I still prefer loose pigments, those are just so... pigmented. LOL. But I must admit that this looks very very lovely. I usually try to take pictures before I use the products but this time I forgot, I was so eager to test it :) This time I used it wet as an eyeliner with my UD Naked palette, I've been too lazy to test colors lately... Sain tämän uuden Emani Hybrid-luomivärin, koska edellinen oli kova ja vähäpigmenttinen. Siinä tosiaan taisi olla joku vika, sillä tämä O'Behave on suorastaan kermainen koostumukseltaan :) Pidän silti enemmän jauhemaisista luomiväreistä, ne ovat vain niin pigmenttisiä ja helppoja käyttää, kunhan niihin on tottunut. Mutta täytyy myöntää, että  kovin kaunis tämä luomiväri kyllä on! Yleensä otan kuvat tuotteesta

Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol III pictures & swatches

I bought Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol III. from London earlier. I bought too many palettes, so I had to ask Santa to give it to me ;) I'll post just some pictures & swatches this time, maybe I'll post EOTD later. Lontoossa ostoskoriin hyppäsi myös Urban Decayn Book of Shadows vol III. Hupsan ;) Koska oli tullut jo jonkin verran shoppailtua, pyysin tätä joulupukilta ja sainkin pidettyä tämän täysin testaamatta jouluun asti. Tässä alkuun kuvia & swatchit, meikkejä postailen ehkä joskus myöhemmin. "Totally obsessed with The Big Apple? So are we (how could anyone NOT be?) Inspired by the glimmering lights and iconic landmarks of New York City, Book of Shadows Vol III features16 eyeshadows that go way beyond neutrals and brights, including SEVEN NEW shades with names like Loaded, Rockstar and Money. We've also included nine best-sellers in a range of sizzling textures: everything from glitter to shimmer to matte." The palette includes

Sonnentor tea advent calender/ all the teas

As posted in November, I bought this tea advent calender for me. I think the idea is great! Now I've tested all of these teas, I'm not good in describing tastes but just wrote something, so I can remember which ones liked :) At some point I started to feel that everything tastes the same. I won't buy this next year but the only reason is that my dad passed away this Christmas... Maybe later, I really liked the idea. About Sonnentor tea bags in general: Sometimes tea bags smell and taste of paper and I hate it, but no bad smell/taste here. Yay! Sonnentor seems to be specialized in herbal/spice/fruit blends and I'm peronally not so inteterested in those but prefer actual tea (green or white, never black). So these were new to me, I liked some, but now I know that I want tea made of tea leaves :) Day 1: Thank You – Herbal Tea Say “Thank you” in a special way. The recipient will enjoy this fine herbal tea composition of lemon balm, rosemary and sage (no mint). 

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I posted a bit about our celebration last year, you can find the post from here . Here is a metal version of my favorite Christmas song, Varpunen jouluaamuna: Lyrics: Lumi on jo peittänyt kukat laaksosessa, Järven aalto jäätynyt talvipakkasessa. Varpunen pienoinen, syönyt kesäeinehen, Järven aalto jäätynyt talvi pakkasessa. Pienen pirtin portailla oli tyttökulta: Tule, varpu, riemulla, ota siemen multa! Joulu on, koditon varpuseni onneton, Tule tänne riemulla, ota siemen multa! Tytön luo nyt riemuiten lensi varpukulta: Kiitollisna siemenen otan kyllä sulta. Palkita Jumala tahtoo kerran sinua. Kiitollisna siemenen otan kyllä sulta! En mä ole, lapseni, lintu tästä maasta, Olen pieni veljesi, tulin taivahasta. Siemenen pienoisen, jonka annoit köyhällen, Pieni sai sun veljesi enkeleitten maasta. Siemenen pienoisen, jonka annoit köyhällen, Pieni sai sun veljesi enkeleitten maasta.

Best of 2010

Some of the best products I found this year. BEST "NEW" (=new to me) MINERAL MAKEUP COMPANY Beauty from the Earth -excellent quality -so many colors that even I can't decide what to order ;) -samples in jars (I don't care but most people do not like sample baggies) & Shiro Cosmetics -excellent quality, I especially loved iShadow collection   BFTE Lucky me Shiro iShadows THE BEST PIGMENT: Sugarpill Hysteric How could I forget this! I always (I really mean ALWAYS) get compliments when wearing this color, it's amazing! THE BEST LIPSTICK Burberry Lip Cover in "Cameo" -Pure luxury :D -Cameo is a a perfect neutral color Lumene Wild Rose NATURAL lipstick -12 gorgeous colors, I want them all ;) -good inci -sheer but not shimmery colors BEST CONCEALER: NARS concealer in Honey -easy to apply & soft -perfect color for me BEST LIPBALM: Silk Naturals lipbalms -great selection of scents -natural inci -love