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Computer problems...

First my Mac needed to be repaired and the next day my PC broke down. What a luck! Blogging with iPad is not that nice so I hope I'll be back in a few weeks! Post without any photos is boring so here are "some" pictures of my cats :D :D Photos:

My favorite: Make Up Store Wonder Powder foundation (& a Touch of peach blush)

                        I got a few MUS products as a Christmas present ;) My friend told me about her favorite: Make Up Store Wonder Powder. It really is lovely! She told me it's very shiny, great highlighter. There are several shades to choose from, I got Sahara. " Light mineral powder that gives a nice finish with a natural shimmer. Redness and fine lines are hidden which makes the skin look smooth and even. The minerals helps keep the skin replenished throughout the day and is also protective against the sun. Let your day crème absorb fully before you apply the powder.   The minerals look like a powder but it provides a flawless base filled with luster that minimizes the appearance of fine lines. By applying the makeup in different ways you can choose to full coverage or a soft and light base. " What? A foundation? No way, I thought :D This is VERY shimmery. But then I googled some more and found out, that this can really be used as foundation! Just us

MAC Beauty lipstick, Feline kohl power eye pencil & Feminine Edge Fluidline

MAC Beauty Lipstick (glaze) from Glamour Daze collection is very light, milky cool pink lipstick. The finish is frosty and it's much lighter than my lips. Applied very lightly with fingertip, it was nice but this color is too light for my taste :D MAC Beauty lipstick (glaze) Glamour Daze kokoelmasta on todella vaalea, viileä (ehkä jopa hieman harmahtava) vaaleanpunainen. Antaa huurteisen sävyn ja on melkoisen peittäväkin. Väri on huuliani vaaleampi. Oli ihan kiva viileä hohde sormenpäällä kevyesti levitettynä mutta kunnolla laitetuna ei kyllä ihan minun makuuni ;) Applied lightly well... not like this ;) I'd need light lipliner with this and it still would be quite difficult to wear. Feminine Edge Fluidline: The color was in fact very nice light cool pink with glitter. But a fluidline? It's more like Paint Pot :) I use this as a primer, it was very pretty under light purple/pink eye shadow. I just had a little problem with glitter... My c