Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kanebo Sensai eye shadow palette ES01 Kigiku (beige-brown)

This beauty was on sale and since the colors felt very pigmented I wanted to test Kigiku palette from Sensai (Kanebo) :) I don't think I have ever tested Kanebo eyeshadows before. This neutral palette is very easy to use, I guess many finnish women love colors like these :) It's not boring and the quality is excellent.

The golden shade is shimmery and I had some glitter on my cheek bones. But I you hate glitter, the other colors are very lovely!

Alesta tuli napattua tämä Kanebo Sensai luomiväripaletti "Kigiku". Laatu on aivan ihana! Kigikun sävyt ovat varmasti myös monen suomalaisen naisen makuun :) Ei tylsä vaan erittäin käyttökelpoinen neutraali paletti. Tykkään!

Keskellä oleva kultainen sävy on hieman hileinen (ja kimalletta tippui poskille). Jos hileisyys ei ole makuusi, muut sävyt ovat kimalteettomia.

Sensai Kigiku swatch

All four colors from this palette:

Beige & lighter brown:

Darkest color with lilac (Meow Cosmetics Hoar Frost):


  1. they look nice.. I have to check your blog in detail, see and read about make-up stuff from a FIN point of view :)

  2. This looks gorgeous on you - really makes the green in your eyes "pop"! Sorry this comment is over 1/2 a year late, but I just discovered your blog today and it's a very nice (and informative) read. :D


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