Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inglot gel liner 85 (yellow green)

I just had to show you this beauty! Inglot eyeliner gel 85 is a gorgeous spring green. Quality is excellent and these work also as primer (I haven't tried yet).

Oi mikä kaunotar :D Ingot geelirajaus sävyssä 85 on upea keväisen vihreä. Laatu on loistava, toimii myös sisärajauksissa sekä pohjustana (pohjustana en ole itse vielä testannut).

The nailpolish is Trind Caring Color CC131.

Aww... I LOVE this color :D

-Detrivore primer
-Sugarpill Absinthe (lid)
-Inglot dark khaki (crease)
-Inglot gel liner 85, also on waterline (of course black gel liner would have been better on upper lashline but just wanted to show this product :D)
-Maybelline Magnum volum mascara wp

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