Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5 FAVORITES: Nude/natural lippies

It was so difficult to choose just 5 favorite lippies! These are all nude or at least quite natural colors, since I practically always wear natural colors :D I have posted about all of these products before.

natural lips

Rimmel "Nude Delight" lipstick:

This is the only lipstick in this list :) For me this is just perfect! I love the mild scent, it is moisturizing and the color is a perfect nude.

Icon We Care "Natural Nude" lip gloss:

Magic Strawberry, Perfect Purple & Natural Nude.

This is one of the best natural colors for my coloring. I also like the scent a lot.

Stardust "Strapless" Mineral lipcolor:

Strapless is surprising the only mineral lippie in my top 5 list. I have so many very nice mineral ones but this is my favorite :)

Inglot Sleeks VLC gloss 71:

71 is a gorgeous pink, opaque and pearly. It should be a "lip plumping" gloss but don't worry: here is not those irritanting ingredients and this feel VERY good.

Fyrinnae Deceptive Innocence:

Fyrinnae Lip Lustres are super-pigmented (so I have to use just a tiny bit of this, otherwise it looks very unnatural) and consistency is quite thin. You either love or hate these so start with a few mini sizes :)

Why these 5? I've just noticed that I use these most often :)



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