Friday, June 4, 2010

My morning beauty routine

I've been asked to do this, so here it is! This is what I do practically every morning. *picture heavy*

Laitoin tämän vain englanniksi, tiedot kun ovat lähinnä raskalaisilla viivoilla ja kahdella kielellä oli ehkä kovin sekava, mutta kyselkää ihmeessä jos jotain jäi epäselväksi :)

-Purely primer or Meow Equilibrium with Alima powder brush or Alima Half moon brush
-Mineral foundation with Inglot kabuki
-Aromaleigh Coquille Nectarine powder with MAC187 brush

I use Kileng's big Swoosh with mineral foundation, the size is just perfect :) Of course you can use anything like this but using the lid can be quite unhygienic.

Sometimes I set the foundation with Avène water spray, but not always.

Then I apply the primer to eye lids. I usually use Detrivore primer (yellow cream) but Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy is also excellent! If your lids are oily, you might need regular primer under these.

-moisturize my lips with lip balm, like Mum Mum's Lemon Cream
-I fix my brows Couleur Caramel brow pencil & set them with Essence or H&M brow gel
-I apply MUS cover all blue under my eyes with MAC 217

-I draw "inner v" with light colored eye pencil, like GOSH Green Boost.

-I apply light eyeshadow with Sigma SS252. Flat& dense synthetic brush is the best in my opinion. Tap the pigment to the lids, don't blend too much.
-I use the same brush to apply darker eyeshadow to the outer lid.

Stardust Pixie Breath, Stardust Tender & Sigma SS252, Stradust Emerald & MAC 217, Stardust Chrystal Nude & MSCHIC by Seppälä (any medium sized fluffy one is ok), Sigma SS224.

-the darkest eyeshadow to the crease with MAC 217
-the darkest eyeshadow to the lower lash line with Inglot 11S/S
-Isadora inliner kajal "Blonde" to the waterline
-apply gel liner with MAC 210

-Aromaleigh Coquille Nectarine undereyes with Silk Fiber oval 11
-curl lashes with Shu Uemura eyelash curlers
-apply waterproof mascara (Lash Stiletto) to upper lashes, waterproof hold the curl better
-apply non waterproof mascara (Lumene Excellenght) to lower lashes, I use non waterproof so that it won't smudge so easily.

-apply blush with MAC 168, I used NARS Orgasm
-apply bronzer, if needed, with Silk Fiber LG face 32
-apply lipcolor, I used Stardust Strapless

The makeup is ready :D


I promised to review this Osis Dust it someday.... The review is short :D I still can't use! It shoud add volume but it just makes my hair dirty :(

Thank you for reading & commenting :)



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