Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BFTE (Beauty from the Earth) swatches & EOTDs

I really shouldn't order any pigments at the moment (=I don't need any :P) but I coudn't help myself... BFTE is a addicting place and I've found some HG pigments from their selection too, like Lucky Me and perfect light violet (Thistle). The formula Crystal used in (part of) her pigments is great: like satin, so soft and opaque.

I mention just my favorites/ the ones I've used in makeups too:

In this swatch there are many different formulas: Elegant is sheer & super shimmery, Calablanca Nights is very sparkly & festive, Seafoam is not completely matte but not shimmery either (plush finish?), most have satiny finish but there is also shimmer in Walking on Water.

-Casablanca nights turquoise glitter on dark base
-GoGreen: light blue-green, smooth and even metallic finish
-Walking on Water is LE

-Suede is lovely neutral
-Livid is a very pigmented plum, gorgeous, but be careful when you try it for the fisrt time :)
-Chenille: soft pink, I really love it!
-Spring Fever: Looks like pink but this has lovely peachy iridescence
-Princess: Perfect princess pink, love it!
-Beautiful is a flattering yellowish color
Aww, Thistle, my favorite light purple EVER! I used Thistle & Iced Violets in this look:

Rain Forest & Walking on Water:

Spring Fever & Livid (Livid is a VERY pigmented color, I used Fyrinnae's Finnegan's Wake to blend):

This was far too light for my taste but here is just to show the colors :) I used Suede & Journey:


I'll more swatches after the Christmas, I just too busy now. Hope you liked these EOTDs & swatches :)


  1. Ihana violetti meikki! :) Spring Fever ja Livid näyttää myös oikein hienolta. :)

  2. Miten sä osaat meikata näin upeasti? Sivuillasi on ilo käydä! Voisitko ajatella joskus pitäväsi jonkun alkeiskurssin tällaiselle aloittajalle/aloittelijoille? =D

  3. That purple is absolutely beautiful on you Nea!!!! LOVE the swatches. So pretty!!! Have a great day!

  4. Beautiful greens! I love how you've used all the colors too.

  5. Lempparini näistä Spring Fever & Livid. Ihanan pehmeä ja luonnollinen look :)

  6. It looks so gorgeous, very pretty :-)

  7. Beautiful swatches! I really love the first two looks.

  8. Copper Cauldron is beautiful! As are Thistle and Iced Violets - I see why you like it :)

  9. These are such beautiful looks! I absolutely love purple and green eye looks so I think the top two are completely stunning :)

    I reckon you can never have too many pigments ♥

  10. The swatches and looks are both beautiful!

    I was wondering (since you have both), what is the difference between Rain Forest and Lucky Me? In your EOTD's they look very similar.


  11. Thank you Ladies :D I'm sure I replied to this post earlier but it's not her :-O How nice...

    Misty: Heh, en taida olla paras opettaja mutta yritetään :D Kiitos paljon!

    All Made Up: Than you :D Now I'm starting to think that it is possible to have too many pigments ;)

    Jenn: I don't have those pigments with me now.... Probably close but I love green so much ;D I hope I remember to check those later!

  12. I love the Spring Fever & Livid.
    Congrats, really. Those makeups are just wonderful :)


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