Monday, December 6, 2010

Face Candy Couture- review, swaches, EOTDs

I was contacted by Shantle Shipp, mom of 3 who has started to make mineral makeup. I love testing new products and the site looked VERY nice, so I naturally I wanted to test Face Candy Couture too.

The labels look very nice, I always like that. The products are lovely too, I liked using these! The colors I got are not repackaged and I especially liked Deep Cranberry, Nicole's green & Damask Grey. There is about 100 colors to choose from, difficult, I know ;D The eyeshadows are packed in 5 g jar with sifter, the price is 4.99 USD/ 1 jar, 9.99 USD/ 3 jars or 19.99 USD/8 jars. Free samples are available at least in the moment, read more from here.

Shantle is hosting a giveaway too, just enter your info in the form in the end of this post!

Minuun otti yhteyttä Shantle, Face Candy Couture nimisen mineraalimeikkifirman perustaja. Koska uusien tuotteiden testaaminen on kivaa ja sivut näyttivät kiinnostavilta, totta kai suostuin näitä testaamaan :)

Purkkien etiketit ovat kauniit, siitä plussaa, kauniita tuotteita on vain mukavampi katsella. Tuotteistakin pidin kovasti, firma tarjoaa yli 100 sävyä tällä hetkellä eli valinta voi olla vaikeaa ;D Saamani värit olivat itse sekoiteltuja (ei siis tukkurien micaa uudelleenpakattuna). Luomivärit on pakattu 5g sifterillisiin purkkeihin ja hinnat ovat 4.99USD/1 purkki, 9.99USD/ 3 purkkia tai 19.99USD/8 purkkia. Ilmaisia samplejakin on tarjolla, niistä lisää tietoa nettikaupassa.

And I forgot the sampe baggies from the first picture...

EOTD 1: I really like cranberry :D

-Detrivore primer
-light violet form Inglot
-Face Candy Couture Clarissa
-Face Candy Couture Deep Cranberry
-Alima foundation, neutral 2
-NARS concealer "Honey"
-Aromeleigh Pomegranate blush
-Emani lipsgloss

EOTD 2: The green one, my favorite of course ;)

-Detrivore primer
-Inglot AMC shine 45
-Inglot AMC shine 41
-Face Candy Couture Nicole's Green
-MAC Desires & Devices superslick eyeliner
-Maybelline LashStiletto


-Detrivore primer
-Inglot white (inner corner of the lid)
-Face Candy Couture Damask grey (lid)
-Face Candy couture Threat (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto volume

Have you tested the Face Candy Couture already? What did you think?


  1. Wowww awesome shades and love the EOTDs!!

  2. Such gorgeous FOTD's!! These are stunning, I love my Face Candy Couture shadows and I can't wait to order more! I will hold off on entering the giveaway though since I just won a face candy couture giveaway when Shantle hosted one on Makeup Zombies blog!! Good luck to the winner!! ♥

  3. Nicole's Green and Clarissa look gorgeous. And of course, your EOTDs are beautiful, as always :)

  4. I just requested some samples of FCC, so this is perfect timing!
    I found your blog yesterday while chain surfing blogs while at school. You have absolutely gorgeous eyes!! I really, really love the green EOTD look here. Good luck to everyone in the contest! :D

  5. Thank you ladies :) Olive, Sabrina, chill & Sarah are calling my name! Good luck to you all :)

    liquoredonlacquer: You were lucky :D

  6. Awesome giveaway! Hope I win!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

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