Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lost in Makeupland

I got some samples from Belén, owner of a new company called Lost in Makeupland. The products came from Spain :) I really liked the quality (at least some of them contain carnauba wax and I love eyeshadows containing it) & colors, even my daughter said my golden eyeshadow ("Expensive") looks very pretty and she practically never says anything about my makeup. Samples are just 1 USD and full size is 5.99 USD. Belén doesn't repack, the formula was nice and the colors are unique :)

Sain testiini hiukan sampleja Beléniltä, joka on perustanut firman nimeltä Lost in makeupland. Tuotteet tulivat Espanjasta :) Pidin laadusta paljon (ainakin osa sisältää carnaubavahaa ja olen huomannut pitäväni sitä sisältävistä luomiväreistä paljon) ja väritkin olivat ihania, jopa tyttäreni kehui kultaista sävy (Expensive). Hän harvoin kommentoi meikkejäni mitenkään. Näytteet ovat 1 USD ja purkit 5.99 USD. Tuotteet ovat varmasti itse sekoiteltuja ja koostumus oli ihana  :)


Sorry, this picture is not the best. I had to help Tikru (=my very furry siberian cat)
a bit and part of the eyshadows got lost...

"You will receive a full 5 gram jar (that's the volume not the weight) with a sifter. In case you want to receive your jar full WITHOUT a sifter, just convo me and I'll send it for $6.25. Samples are also available.

About: All my products are blended carefully, in very small batches so I can make sure you get the best quality I can offer and I ABSOLUTELY am against repackaging, I LOVE MIXING UP COLORS!!! I also use different bases depending on the needs of the color and effect I want to achieve."

EOTD 1 Lazy Sunday & Bruised:
Lazy Sunday was an unreleased color and it's so lovely! Smooth base & some glitter, me likey!
Lazy Sunday oli yllättäen yksi suosikeistani! Ihana sävy ja koostumus, tämä ei ole vielä myynnissä mutta varmaan pian jo onkin.

-Detrivore primer
-Lost in makeupland Lazy Sunday (lid)
-Lost in makeupland Bruised (crease)
-MAC macroviolet fluidline
-LashStiletto volume

EOTD 2, Expensive & Bioshock:

-Detrivore primer
-random white (inner corner of the lid)
-Lost in Makeupland Expensive (lid)
-Lost in Makeupland Bioshock
-MAC Desires&Devices eyeliner
-LashStiletto volume

EOTD 3, Weed: what a lovely green!

Detrivore primer
-Inglot AMC shine 45 (inner corner of the lid)
-Lost in makeupland Weed (lid)
-Inglot AMC shine 44 (crease)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-LashStiletto volume

Have you tested these pigments? I really liked the quality and would love to buy more (like Rock my Look collection and Whipped) but I have to be on mineral makeup no-buy for a while ;) The colors are not very well blended but now I know a better way to blend eyeshadows, thanks to a tip I got from my reader :) But I'll publish these anyway, so you can these these colors better!

Pidin tosiaan laadusta ja haluaisin ostaa lisääkin (mm. Rock my look kokoelma & Whipped) mutta tällä hetkellä on paras vähän lakkoilla ;) Kuvissani värit eivät ole kovin hyvin häivytetyt mutta ihana lukijani vinkkasi helpon tavan helpottaa tätä. Kiitos! Kirjoittelen siitä tarkemmin myöhemmin :)


  1. Näyttää ihanilta :) Näitä sun EOTD postauksia katsellessa tekee aina mieli tilata itsekin noita luomivärejä :) Tuo on paljon sanottu luomiväri ujon suusta, heh :p

  2. Very pretty and vivid shades! No, I have not tried these, but they look beautiful!

  3. "The colors are not very well blended but now I know a better way to blend eyeshadows, thanks to a tip I got from my reader :)"

    I'd love to know your new blending tip!

    I found your previous step-by-step tutorials really useful in learning how to apply mineral shadows, so I've very interested in further advice.


  4. The colors are indeed gorgeous! I love them all, but I like the golden tones the best. :)

  5. I also like Expensive but the bottom green look is my favorite!

  6. Gorgeous! I love the looks you always come up with! I second what Galen said, haha.

  7. beautiful colours!!Love them :)

  8. They weren't blended well? Were there chunks of unblended pigment or something? I want to know your tip for blending!

    Weed and Expensive look really pretty imo :)

  9. wow . really love ur makeup . what is the base ? how u applied it ? mind share . Thx . I follow u

  10. So pretty!! I can't wait to place my order Ive been eying up the company for a couple of weeks But im waiting to purchase anything else until after Christmas!! :-)


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