Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sleek Adic palette: swatches & EOTD

This is the last of my Sleek palettes, Acid, and I'll post all my Sleek swatches in one post soon too :) The tester was broken in the shop, so I didn't have chance to test this before purchase but I bought it anyway, it was cheap and I had seen nice EOTDs with this too. Most of the colors are mattes I've heard that Sleek mattes can be "not good", at least the white & black matte I used were very nice! I didn't test the neons yet, maybe I will some day, but now I'm not that interested of them.

There were a few suprisingly wearable colors in this palette too. In fact I don't really understand what these do in this "Acid" palette :D But since I'm not that interested in neons now, I did my EOTD with these lovely "regular" colors.

edit: Now you can my Neon EOTD from this post :)

Viimeisin Sleek-paleteistani on Acid ja pian postaankin swatchit kaikista Sleek-paleteistani yhdessä :) Tämän paletin testeri oli rikki, joten en voinut testata etukäteen mutta ostin sen kuitenkin, hinta oli halpa ja olen nähnyt kivoja meikkejä tämän kanssa blogeissa.  Suurin osa luomiväreistä on matta-sävyjä ja ne tosiaan saattavat Sleekillä olla huonojakin. Musta ja valkoinen, jotka testasin, olivat kuitenkin ihan mainiot. Neonvärejä en testannut ainakaan vielä, nyt en vain ole kiinnostunut noin kirkkaista sävyistä.

Mukana oli kuitenkin myös muutama yllättävän "tavallinen" sävy ja niitä nyt testasinkin. En vain ymmärrä mitä ne tässä Acid-paletissa tekevät :D

edit: Ja nyt löytyy myös neon meikki, tässä linkki postaukseen :)

Sleek Acid palette.

-TANF primer
eye shadows from Acid palette
-white (not pictures above) inner corner of the lid& browbone
-grey (lid)
-graphite/black matte (crease)
-blue/turquoise (lower lashline)
-LashStiletto volume
-MAC blacktrack fluidline

Do you have this palette? Or want to get one? For me this wasn't a must have, I could create this look with my other Sleek palettes, but maybe I'll start to like neons later ;)


  1. are neons chalky,any fallouts? grey is beautiful, looks really opaque and pigmented!

  2. I seen this palette but i dont think ill ever get it since the colours are really bright im too scared to use them :)
    i do have the bad girl palette and the sunset one which are both fantastic :)

    Would love you to follow my blog:

    With Love Chanel

  3. neons are kind of hard to pull off.. will wait for what you'll make out of them! :)

  4. I really like this EOTD. And the grey color really stands out!

  5. I really want this palette. I wear glasses and when I go out at night and we are someplace dark, it's really hard to see my makeup which is too bad because I love wearing bright, fun colors on my lids. I think this would be great for that kind of situation! Thanks for the swatches!

  6. My sister has the palette, I bought it for her. I really want to see what you create from the neon colours so maybe I can go and borrow my sister's palette :P

  7. Blanka: After just swatching these, I'd say some are chalky... I really don't know when I'll really test these. Neons are a bit too much for me ;)

    Duvessa: LOL, I hope I dare to try this someday. It's scary!

    beautyfromanotherplanet: I think this would be perfect for that purpose!

    Fifi: Thank you :)

    snow0016: If I dare to try it. LOL

    CutieCocoChanel: Bad Girl is the BEST :D

  8. I received my sleek order yesterday and Acid was in it as well! They're my first neon colors and they look so cool! :)


  9. ooo pretty! I didn't think this one was still available! Good to see that it is!

  10. Awwh please do a neon look just for fun ;]

  11. I have been wanting to get my hands on some sleek pallets but they dont sell them here in the u.s.


  12. Wow! Those colors are *vibrant*! But, looks like the palette is worth it alone for that aweseome graphite color you wore in your crease!!! Love your photos!!!

  13. I have had it for about a month now. i've used every colour except the neon yellow and green in day to day makeup. they aren't really that scary if you blend well. but for some reason my white is not as pigmented as yours so dunno what to do about that. really want the bad girl and the sunset palette

  14. Stavroula: yay :D

    Schumitza: I'm glad to hear that these are not that scary :D I really recommend Bad Girl!

    Pammy, Madiha & KittenMittens: Thank you!

    Marcy: It's great that they do send overseas! The shipping is about 13€ but still... :)

    SilhouetteScreams: Ok, someday ;)

  15. those colors are really good. :)

  16. Silmi Addina: Yep, this palette is colorful :)


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