Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shopping in Germany: Alverde Foot care

I really love shampoos, conditioners & body lotions from Alverde and this time I wanted to test also the foot care products :)

I was told that the Pinie-Shoreabutter foot butter is very good and it sure was! The best, I'd say :D The smell is great, can't really describe it, kind of fruity but still very fresh... Nothing like foot butters usually are, which is great. It's refreshing but not cooling, so I like to use it in the evenings too. This is also very easy to apply, consistency is just perfect, and because it doesn't contain silicone, it won't "float" on your skin either. Just makes skin so soft. This is without any doubt my favorite foot lotion/butter ever!

I also bought Pinie-Lavasand  foot scrub. This is also nice & refreshing product, great for tired feet. I will probably buy a new tube next time, because I have to walk a lot in Germany so I can use it there too ;D

Relax Nanaminze-Rosskastanie foot gel & foot spray are great for tired feet & legs. I really needed these in Germany! I haven't used these in Finland a lot, because it's quite cold and these are cooling products (contain for example menthol)... But I'll probably use foot gel again when it gets warmer. The spray was my favorite too, whenever my feet feel tired, I use this.

All of these products were BDIH certified, vegan and very cheap. it's not sold in webshops but you can find these products from Central Europe (Germany, Austria etc).


  1. interesting...but i couldnt care less bout my foot :P

  2. Thanks for the informations about the products, they sound good :-)

  3. dreamer: LOL, I wasn't interested either when I was younger ;) Now my feet need a little pampering.

    graphologY. Great products, I must say <3


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