Monday, January 24, 2011

If I had to choose...

...just one product of each makeup item, I consider necessary, and use just that single product for the rest on my life. Which products would I choose? I saw this in some blog last autumn and I started to write this post and just forgot it... LOL

For me the items would be:
-bronzer (yep, use it every single day :D)
-concealer for under eyes
-eyeshadow primer
-brow pencil

A lot, I know, but nobody asked me to choose the minimum I'd need ;) And my choices...

Foundation: Meow Flawless Feline in Frisky Sphynx or Alima Satin Matte in Neutral 2/3! I have many very good ones but I've used these for years and they just work so well on my skin :)

Blush: I would like to choose NARS Douceur but unfortunately my skin is so sensitive that I might not be able to use for longer time. I'd take a mineral blush, so my choice is Alima Leigh.

bronzer: This one is easy! Alima Mauna Loa, it's matte and looks very natural.

concealer: NARS concealer in Honey

eyeshadow primer: Detrivore primer, I hope this will NEVER be discontinued!

eyeshadow: Definitely Urban Decay Naked palette!

mascara: LashStiletto volume

eyeliner: MAC fluidline Blacktrack

brow pencil: Couleur Caramel brow pencil in Blonde

lipgloss: Icon we care lipgloss in Natural Nude

In fact the difficult ones were just foundation, blush and eyeshadow. I'd love to see your list, just leave a link to your blog if you do this :D


  1. Great list of products. I love your kitty making a guest appearance!

  2. noiden tuotteiden valinta olisi kyllä niin hankalaa ja tuo Naked paletti näyttää aina yhtä ihanalta :)

  3. Haha. Luin tämän, ja kirjauduin heti blogiini tekemään saman postauksen, julkaisinkin jo.

  4. haha, you made me do mine . here it is

  5. Serafia & Schumitza: Must read those asap :D

    Cinseven: Tikru wants to be in the pictures. LOL

    graphology: It is <3

    ruu: Jep, tuo on kyllä ihana. ja tämän sanoo vielä ruakeaa inhoava :D

  6. Nice list!I didn`t make one on my blog because the only 2 products that I can`t go out without are the eyeliner and mascara :)


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