Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lavera (tinted) lip balm "Strawberry"

My mom wanted to have my Lavera Blackcurrant lip balm (and she loves it too) so I needed a new one :) I decided to test Strawberry but unfortunately I don't like it nearly as much I liked Blackcurrant. This is ok too, but the other had a better smell (this smells fruity but not exatly what I expect strawberry to smell) and it also gave some color, not much but some, this doesn't give "any" color.

Äitini halusi Laveran Blackcurrant lip balmini (tykkää siitä myös paljon), joten tarvitsin itselleni uuden. Kokeilunhalusta päädyin testaamaan mansikka-versioita mutta valitettavasti en tästä läheskään niin paljoa pidä... Oikein hyv¨ä on tämäkin, toinen vain tuoksui mielestäni paljon paremmalta ja se antoi myös hieman väriä, tämä taas ei juurikaan.


  1. I love tinted lip balms and glosses. They are always easy , quick and cute! :)

  2. Jackie S: I like tinted lip balms too, so easy to use :)

    Ally & Suzanne: yep, it's yummy :D

  3. I really don't like Lavera lip balms. They are hard and not moisturizing enough.

  4. Marie s: These feel waxy, I like it in the wintertime & daytime use (feels protecting) but sometimes I like more "absorbing" version... I didn't like this Strawberry one much, blackcurrant is much nicer!


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