Sunday, January 9, 2011

KKcenterHK: lashes & wigs

I got some lashes for review purpose from KKcenterHK . Unfortunately I haven't had time to try these yet but I'll post pictures first :) This company has a great selection of lashes!

The product group I got very interested is the Cosplay/Celebrity wigs, I want :D  Here are some wig pictures from their site:

Maybe the white one for me? :D


  1. I actually thing you can ebay the lashes for cheaper. I have the exact same lashes on the first picture. I blogged about them here:

    I love the purple wig :):)

  2. I never get proper wigs when I'm cosplaying :(

  3. Erica & Dyna, I know, the lilac one is so pretty <3

    Akuma Kanji: If I need a wig/other stuff I usually forget to order... And then it's too late :P

  4. The white and the purple wigs are so cute!

  5. How much were the shipping costs to Finland? I wan't to order some hair extensions and Manly eyeshadow palette. I didn't found shipping costs anywhere on the website..

  6. MaryJane: You can add the products to the cart and then select your country.

    For example one wig:
    [ Registration Mail ] : USD$ 8.48
    [ Express Service ] : ( Shipping to Finland: 0.42 kg ) USD$ 25.19

    I hope I understood those prices right, I didn't log in so I'm not absolutely sure.

    KittenMittans: I know :D


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