Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yves Rocher eyeshadows: Pistache Irisée & Prune griotte

I think the last time I tested Yves Rocher eye shadows was about 20 years ago ;) Maybe it was about the time to test them again? LOL. I found a few lovely shades and decided to give them a try! Well, the packaging looks so cheap but I was very surpsised about the pigmentation. These felt VERY creamy, I used brush to apply them but maybe sponge applicator would work even better. I especially loved the aqua colored one... Lovely! So definitely not bad, might buy these later too, if I find an interesting color.

Testasin Yves Rocherin luomivärejä viimeksi varmaan kutakuinkin 20 vuotta sitten, jotes taisi olla jo aika testata uudelleen ;) Löysin muutaman kiinnostavan sävyn ja päätin testata näitä. Pakkaus nyt näyttää todella halvalta mutta onneksi pigmenttiä löytyi! Tuntui todella "voidemaiselta", piti oikein töpötellä että sai väriä siveltimeen. Varmaan aplikaattori toimii tämänkin kanssa paremmin. Erityisesti tuo vedenvihreä oli mieleeni... Tosi nätti! Joten ei tosiaan huonoja ja saatan hyvinkin ostaa jatkossa, jos sopivia sävyjä löytyy. Kovin laaja värivalikoima ei ollut, 7 sävyä. Hinta noin 4-6 €, riippu kovasti tarjouksista.

Lipstick is also from Yves Rocher, I'll post about it later.


  1. Yves Rocher is sooooo the brand of my teenage! Then I explored other brands so I partly forgot about it. I recently get back to it lately and found a couple of excellent products. I love their felt tip eyeliner, it's so thin, so black and of a great quality. Their Luminelle black khol also is surprisingly among the blackest I've ever tried and I tried lots of brands since I'm 17!

    I see an Alima Pure foundation on here. ;) It was hard for me to wear mineral foundation before because it was making my skin too dry and itchy but this one doesn't. Also I could never find the right shade but I found everything I needed here. Their blushes and eyeshadows are awesome too. Such a classy great brand. And that's you who enabled me to it via your blog, so thank you!

  2. super stunning shades and eyes looks... wow... :)

  3. Oh my gosh, that purply maroon-y burgundy shade is beautiful! And I cannot wait to see more of that lipstick *___*


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