Sunday, December 4, 2011

AROMALEIGH Starry Night swatches & EOTDs

I got my Starry Night order and the colors looks just amazing! Unfortunately my swatches are not the best... I'm not expecting to see the sun in the near future (I HATE winter :P) so the swatches are taken in artificial light.

I  have always liked this Aromaleigh formula: smooth pigmented base with contrasting sparkle! My favorites are Antares (russet), Sirius (silver), Polaris (white), Saiph (green), Shaula (Purple) and Bellatrix (blue).

Note: Betelgeuse looks green or reddish brown, depending on the lighting :)
I wanted to test it but I still hate color changing pigments. LOL.
I know, most love them!

Sirius- Bellatrix:

Saiph (with MAC Juxt):

COLOR DESCRIPTIONS: (Remember, color is subjective, so these are Aromaleigh's color perceptions. They are helpful in assisting with color choice, but everyone sees color differently.)
procyon: A deep mocha frost with brilliant sparks of bluish silver. Procyon at Wikipedia
antares: A lush warm russet frost marked by the brilliance of intense white diamond sparks. Antares at Wikipedia
altair: A smooth silvery rose-pink frost accented with vivid green sparks of color. Altair at Wikipedia
sirius: A pale, cool metallic silver frost with brilliant sparks of gold and copper. Sirius at Wikipedia
izar: Deep amethyst purple frost with a muted lowlight, shimmering with brilliant rose pink sparks. Izar at Wikipedia
polaris: Intense frosted white with blue and green sparks of color glimmering. Polaris at Wikipedia
saiph: A complex deep forest green with a chartreuse highlight and glorious sparkles of bronze and gold. Saiph at Wikipedia
rigel: Exquisite warm rose gold frost with highlight glimmer of rose and copper, punctuated by sparks of green and pink. Rigel at Wikipedia
betegeuse: Incredible interplay of warm cocoa frost and a strong green highlight, with a multitude of brilliant and saturated green sparks. Betelgeuse at Wikipedia
pollux: A deep steel grey frost made stellar with the brilliance of saturated color sparks of cool blue and violet. Pollux at Wikipedia
aldebaran: A smooth and saturated warm coral red frost with flashes of gold and green. Aldebaran at Wikipedia
capella: A smooth warm yellow cream frost with intense silver sparks throughout. Capella at Wikipedia
spica: A marvelously saturated medium toned duotone chartreuse with hot bright indigo blue sparks. Amazing! Spica at Wikipedia
shaula: A deep warm bordeaux violet frost with a myriad of of violet and coppery gold sparks.Shaula at Wikipedia
regulus: A medium-deep loden green frost with spectacular multi-colored fine shimmer and shiny colorful sparks of green. Regulus at Wikipedia
bellatrix: The deepest midnight indigo, smooth frost full of vividly sparkling bright silver starry sparks. Resplendent! Bellatrix at Wikipedia

Do you find this collection interesting?


  1. Amazing colours, and so pigmented.

  2. Wow! Just look at Spica! Amazing *___* Great pigments!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful swatches. I think bellatrix looks very great on your eyes. :)

  4. Polaris ja Pollux oli AL:n swatchien perusteella kiinnostavimmat. Ja tietty Betelgeuse ;) Vähän saman tyyliseltä vaikuttaa kuin Macin Blue brown. Siinä on siis selkeä vihertävä duochrome, kuten AL:n kuvassa?

  5. Keijukainen: Jep! En saanut keinovalossa kuvattua sitä :/

  6. Tuleekohan Aromaleighille vanhoja tuotteita takaisin? Löysin aikaisemmin täydellisen poskipunan, mutta ehtinyt tilata siitä täysikokoista ja se jäi harmittamaan :(

  7. Ihan samoja ei tule mutta uskoisin, että suosikeista tulee uudet versiot :)


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