Sunday, December 18, 2011

GREEN collection: Meow XMAS Trees!

I love green... So I needed the samples of Meow XMAS Trees collection!

Just looks at these beauties (because I'm speechless ;)

spruce: intense army green infused with metallic gold
* cypress: soft moss green
* cedar:  silky sage
pine: jade green with silky shimmer

* artificial: light airy plastic tree green?
fraser fir: intense duochrome blue/green with gold iridescence
* noble: striking olive green with shimmering gold highlights
balsam: soft XMAS green with golden undertone

I loved them all but the ones marked with * are my favorites!

-meow Artificial/ XMAS trees (lid)
-meow Noble/ XMAS trees (crease)
-meow Aurora Australis/ Aurora (browbone)

-MAC Shroom & Meow Aurora Borealis (inner corner)
-Meow Cypress (lid)
-Meow Pine (crease & lower lashline)
-Meow Aurora Borealis (browbone)

-Meow Cedar /XMAS Trees)
-Meow Fairy (Sugarplums)


  1. really lovely colors and your looks is grt

  2. They are all pretty but my favourite would be Noble :)

  3. cypress is very pretty on you

  4. Wow. So many lovely greens! I love the Cedar and Fairy look you did.

  5. Really beautiful! I'm so glad I ordered them!

  6. I particularly like the look of Spruce and the green/purple look you did :)

  7. Beautiful swatches! I noticed that you mark with ++ the samples you like: I do exactly the same!!!


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