Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meow Cosmetics Reindeer swatches & EOTDs

I bought so many samples from Meow... I might not post swatches of everything (I have many products to review and unfortunately just a limited amount of time). Anyway, one of the collections I bought recently is "Reindeer". Beautiful colors, lovely names. The collection is Limited Edition but Meow usually sells the same (+new) ones every Christimas time. That is great :)

And yes, we eat reindeer in Finland. Well, not me personally, I rarely eat red meat ;)

1. row: Dasher, Prancer, Vixen
2. row: comet, cupid, donner, blitzen

My favorite is withour any doubt prancer (pale metallic green). Very nice and unique shade! My other favorite is lilac Vixen, it has lovely iridescence! Blitzen has unique duocrome also, just not my color... It's aqua blue with pink.

EOTD: light lilac (Inglot) - Vixen - purple (Lumene)

EOTD Meow Prancer (lid), Meow Prancer & black from YSL (crease).


  1. Pretty colours. Especially the greens :)

  2. Lovely looks! I particularly like the look of Comet.

  3. gorgeous color! i love the lumen. :)

  4. gorgeous color! i really love the lumen. :)

  5. Ooooh is Prancer a glitter? It looks like it has a glitter texture in your swatch :3

  6. Prancer is not a glitter but it kind of duocrome so it looks very interesting (and didn't look good on swatches). It's lovely!


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