Monday, August 6, 2012

Aromaleigh Bete Noire eye shadows -NEW COLORS- swatches & EOTDs

Aromaleigh... My favorite MMU company...
Bete Noire... My favorite MMU eyeshadow collection...

And now there are new colors :D I had_to_order full sizes of these lovely colors! I have most of the old ones already. I love the smooth, pigmented base with contrasting glitter.

Oih! Aromaleigh on suosikkimineraalifirmani ja Bete Noire-suosikkikokoelmani :D Ja nyt sarjaan on tullut uusiä sävyjä! Ostin nämä heti täysikokoisina, tykkään tosiaan Bete Noiren pigmenttisestä pohjasta, jossa eriväristä kimallusta.

Genissa, Alix, Sybilla

Genissa, Alix, Sybilla

Genissa, Alix, Sybilla

*NEW* Genissa is a dramatic smokey teal blue with brilliant blue sparks
*NEW* Alix is a cool evergreen with smokey tones and bright violet and green sparks
*NEW* Sybilla is a smooth, complex black frost with mauve undertones and brilliant golden sparks.

Bette, Colette, Viviane, Darcelle
Amarante, Solange, Chantal

Bette, Colette, Viviane, Darcelle
Amarante, Solange, Chantal

Bette, Colette, Viviane, Darcelle
Amarante, Solange, Chantal
Bette: Dreamy steel blue grey with sparks of green and gold.
Colette: Smoked indigo violet with blue highlight sparkle.
*Viviane: Intense smokey bronzed violet with bright purple sparkles.
*Darcelle: Deep mysterious olivine with brilliant turquoise shimmer.
*Amarante: A rich, verdant warm green with olive smokiness and vivid blue shimmer.
*Solange: Deep, warm cocoa brown with bright green sparkle.
Chantal: Gorgeous dimensional, smooth dark grey with sparks of mysterious violet throughout.

EOTD with Amandier & Sybilla:

Spring Leaf & Alix:

Snowglobe & Genissa:

Glowing Luna & Solange ("old color"):

Loverly & Colette:

Note: All color descriptions are from Aromaleigh!


  1. Lovely colours from AL. You pair such nice shades together! Very pretty :) x

  2. Wow!!!! These are so beautiful and pigmented!! I love the looks you made with me as well!!

  3. Gorgeous shimmery colours! I forgot about this collection. I'll definitely need to whip them out and give them some more love.

  4. I love the glowy sparkle shot :D Also love the look with Amandier!

  5. Miksi kaikki sun meikit näyttää niin tylsille ja tunkkasille?
    Käytätkö silmämeikin pohjustajaa?

    1. Jaa-a, vaikea sanoa. Käytän pohjustajaa mutta ammattilainen en ole. En myöskään parantele kuvia kuvankäsittelyllä.


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