Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clinique Moisture Surge gel

I REALLY liked Clinique moisture surge spray so I decided to test Moisture surge gel too. I have used this many years ago and I liked it then... But I guess I have now used to silicone free moisturing gels. This feels like... silicone. Quite thick and doesn't absorb as well as my other gels (well, it's in fact gel-creme). It's not terrible but i still feel that my other gels (Derma E Pycnogenol, for example) are better moisturizers :)

I know this is a very liked product, is it your favorite?

Cliniquen Moisture Surge spraystä ja päätin testata myös Moisture Surge gelin. Tuote onkin ennestään tuttu, käytin sitä monia vuosia sitten, en tiedä paljonko koostumus on muuttunut. Nyt taidan kuitenkin olla tottunut silikonittomiin geeleihin koska tämä tuntui... silikoniselta :P Tuote on aika paksua (virallsiesti gel-creme) eikä imeydy niin hyvin kuin muut geelini (esim DermaE Pycnogenol), ei tunnu myöskään niin kosteuttavalta. Toisaalta ehkä antaa "suojaavan kalvon"? Tuote taitaa olla pidetty, onko tämä sinun suosikkisi?

pakkaus on purkki ja kokoja on 2 erilaista (30 ml ja 50 ml), itse ostin pienemmän. Hinta oli jossain 30€ kieppeillä, en valitettavasti muista tarkkaan :/ ostin tämän Sokoksen alepäiviltä vähän aikaa sitten.


  1. hello,

    I bought it also, because everyone was saying that it was very good, but I feel that it does't absorb very good nor does it moisturize as they say in the publicity about it. I'm very disappointent with it. please let me know, what other moisturizers do you use that are better!



  2. Hi Alice!

    I use many gels and often 2 at the same time... I can't use oils, therefore lotions or creams aren't ok for my skin :/ Some of my favorites are Basan gel (from local pharmacy) and DermaE Pycnogenol gel.

    I won't repurchase this, doesn't really feel that moisturizing!

  3. I actually really like this product because of the consistency. I have been using a sample size that I got free with Glamour magazine xx

  4. Vicky: I also used to like this a lot earlier :D So some like it and some don't, you really don't know before you test it!

  5. I haven't tried it and after reading your review I won't. It's an expensive moisturizer and it doesn't work well..

  6. I used this cream (gel) before. I got 50 ml :/ and got so disappointed. it basically did not moisturize at all, created a sort of a film on the face, and under this film the skin was getting wet.
    i ended up just throwing it to the trash bin, cause it's jut useless.

    but i just LOVE the "all about eyes" and "all about eyes gel". I think, those are great products!


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