Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MAC Deliciously Forbidden (mattene) lipstick/ Posh paradise

I really loved the lipsticks in MAC fall collections! Deliciously Forbidden is mattene lipstick from Posh Paradise collection, my first matte from MAC. Well, first matte of any brand in about 15 years ;) I thought I wouldn't like mattes much but I liked this color so much, that I decided to test it. And I'm glad I did: this one is really nice! Doesn't feel drying (naturally this is not as creamy and moisturizing as cream lipsticks) and the color is long lasting. The color is deep raspberry and finish is opaque & velvety.

I liked this formula so much that bought Eden Rouge too and I will definitely buy more MAC mattes/ semi-mattes later :D

Show Orchid & Deliciously Forbidden

Deliciously Forbidden

Deliciously Forbidden looks great with MAC Breezy blush!

Do you like MAC mattenes? I'm an addict now :D


  1. The colours of these are nice but i really dislike the texture. I love matte products but these really didn't do anything for me :(

  2. Love it! ever tried it though... but it is an amazing colour!

  3. Kauniilta näyttää!

    Mä ostin Eden Rougen. Koostumus aivan täydellinen ja kerrankin punainen sävy, joka ei taitu marjaiseksi mun huulilla. Mietin vielä Rare Exoticia.

  4. Louweevil: Too bad this formula doesnät work on you :( The colors are pretty indeeed!

    Keijukainen: Eden Rouge on mieletön <3 Rare Exoticia mietin minäkin, se on aika villi :D

    Akuma Kanji: Thank you :)

  5. I own this very colour and I like it a lot too!

  6. I LOVE mattenes! They first came out in 2007 and I got only one, called 40's Pink, and it was the only lipstick that I wore for about a year! I get excited when mattenes get released. I got 6 from the Posh Paradise collection: Rare Exotic, Deliciously Forbidden, Eden Rouge (even though I have a billion red lipsticks), Naked Bliss and 2 Delectable. I think Delectable would look great on you.

  7. Sylvie: I bet it would :D I bought "a few" more, but just the dark/bright ones...

    Misato-san: Yay, this IS gorgeous :D

    Phyrra: thank you :D


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