Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Method from iHerb & Stockmann

Yep, again ;) I didn't buy these at once but in the past few months. I REALLY love Method cleaning products! If you order from iHerb for the first time, you can get -5 USD with my code BAC791.

Taas hiukan Methodia ;) En tosiaan näitä kerralla ostanut, vaan pikkuhiljaa viime kuukausien aikana, kerään vain useamman tuotteen aina yhteen postaukseen. Osa tuotteista on Stokmannilta, osa iHerbistä. iHerbissä toki halpaa mutta välillä ei ehdi odottelemaan :) Ja painavampia pöniköitä ei montaa saa samaan pakettiin (koska tilaan aina halvimmilla 4 tai 6 USD kuluilla). Koodillani BAC791 saa ekasta tilauksesta -5 USD.

Antibac wipes are the easiest way to clean toilet :D Just use rubber gloves, if you have sensitive skin...

Squirt+Mop: I like this product a lot but it was different than I thought... Just because I didn't know what "squirt" means. LOL. I use this when I have just one room to clean, it's easy but I used relative much of this product. The scent was lovely too.

"To Use: squirt on floor + mop with long strokes."

Laundry detergents are packed in pump bottles, GREAT! So easy to use and even I don't use too much now :D Many scents to choose from, I love especially lavender. Unscented available naturally too!

Refill baggies available. Just a few scents now but hopefully different ones later too!

 Multisurface wipes are handy too, I especially love the smell of pink grapefruit!

Cucumber hand soap (1 litre refill baggies are available too). Very nice liquid hand soaps, lovely scents and colors! Many scents to choose from, also unscented.

And some stevia sweeteners :D

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