Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MAC Superslick Liquid eye liner swatches & some other Fabulous Felines swatches

Oh, cats :D I had to take closer look at MAC Fabulous Felines, though I wasn't that interested at the colors... But I did find a suprise favorite: Superslick eyeliner! I got the warm green/khaki colored Desires&Devices. That color is a REALLY hard to find, so it's mine now :D The price in Finland was 20,20€. The eyeliners will be permanent, I heard. I haven't tested this myself yet, just bought it today :D

The swatch is taken in my work place and the lights & camera were not the best this time. Sorry. I hope you will get some idea of the colors anyway. The gold was FABULOUS by the way, I just don't wear gold eyeliner ofter (if ever).

Oi, kissoja :D Pitihän toki katsastaa MACin Fabulous Felines-kokoelma, vaikken kuvien perusteella ihan riemusta pomppinutkaan. Yleensä syys-kokoelmat eivät ihan suosikkejani olekaan... Löysin yllättäen kuitenkin suosikkituotteen: Superslick-rajausvärin! Ostin lämpimän vihreän/khakin, tätä väriä harvemmin löytää. Hinta on 20,20€. Kuulemma jäävät pysyvään kokoelmaan.
En tuotetta siis vielä itse testannut, väri on vain juuri se mitä olen hakenut.

Nappasin swatchin töissä eli valaistus ei valitettavasti ole kovin hyvä. Salama räpsähti aina kurjasti ja valo taas ei riittänyt ilman. Toivottavasti jotain apua kuitenkin siitä on :) Kulta oli mahtava, itsellä vain sellaiselle olisi mitään käyttöä.

Palace Pedigree:
-Signature blue (blue)
-Nocturnal (silver)
-Smoky heir (purple)
Leopard Luxe
-Marked for Glamour (grey)
-On the Hunt (black)
-Pure Show (gold)
Burmese Beauty:
-Definantly Feline (reddish brown)
-Treat me nice (green)
-Desires&Devices (khaki)

Lipgloss: Lipglass Wildly refined/ Leopard Luxe. This has smaller looking tube than most MAC glosses, but there is 4.8g of the product :) Might get this one, the color was lovely pink-brown-peach, and I like Lipglasses!

Pigment: Lithe/ Leopard Luxe. I'll try this tomorrow... If it's perfect, I might think of getting this too... But only if it is The perfect nude for me. MAC pigments are just so expensive and I don't find them any better than mineral ones.

Did you like the collection? It was too muted for me, as autumn collections usually are, but I found some nice colors anyway :D


  1. They look so pigmented!! :) Love them. Wish I could buy so many colours.

  2. Hi! First of all, you have a really nice blog. I love your swatches and reviews of mineral make up. Those eyeliners are pretty good looking, do you think they are worth the price?


  3. Temptalian mukaan Smoky Heir on luumu/lila, sen mukaan tilasin ja nyt jos se onkin hopea!

    Tilasin myös sinisen ja vihreän. Pedigree nelikon ja Pet me poskipunan.

  4. Mili: Apua, mulla on se väärin! On lila, miten noin väärin MACin sivuilta voinkin katsoa :-O

    Sandra: Thank you :) I'll tell more tomorrow!

  5. Palkitsin sinut blogissani Sparkling Award -palkinnolla. :)

  6. Sandra: I have now tested this a few times and I like it but I still prefer gel liners... This is very "wet" and I always seems to have it my lashes too... maybe I'll learn to use it but frankly, I think L'Oreal Super Liner is better. But for me that one color was a must have :)

    Beauty Babe: Kiitos <3 Teen sen huomenna!

  7. I agree, the gold liner looks really pretty but I probably would only use it as a base D;

  8. SilhouetteScreams: yep. I could use gold on lower lashline but not liquid one... Sugarpill Goldilux is enough for me :D


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