Saturday, September 18, 2010

[EOTDs] A few Purely Cosmetics & 3rd Anniversary sale

I'm still testing the mineral eyeshadow brands I have :) This time I tried ones from Purely Cosmetics. The eyeshadow colors Robyn makes are easy to use, she makes lovely neutrals and the colors are not too shiny or bright. Again great for people who love neutrals or are a bit older. Samples are sold only in sets, but I've swatched some colors here.

Ja yhä testailen mineraalimeikkifirmojen luomivärejä :) Tällä kertaa vuorossa Purely Cosmetics. Robynin tekemät sävyt ovat helppokäyttöisiä, kauniita mutta eivät ylettömän hohtavia tai kirkkaita. Oikein passeleita neutraaleista sävyistä pitäville sekä hieman vanhemmille käyttäjille. Samplet myydään vain isona settinä, yllä linkki swatceihini, jos niistä olisi apua. Oma suosikkini on Cotton Candy, täydellisen ihana vaaleanpunainen, ei taida olla tosin enää myynnissä.

-Detrivore primer
-Purely Pearl White (inner corner)
-Purely Cotton candy (lid), I LOVE this light pink!
-Purely Purple Koala (crease, lower lashline), this was named after my friend Saila the Purple Koala :)
-Inglot gel liner, lilac no 83
-LashStiletto volume wp

-Detrivote primer
-Fyrinnae Anemone (lid)
-Purely Teal Sparkle (crease, lower lashline)
-Purely Pearl White (browbone)
-Inglot dark grey gel liner
-LashStiletto volume wp

Purely Cosmetics is having a 3rd Anniversary sale, congratulations Robyn! She is also having a sale, here are the details:

"Free shipping is for First Class Mail only. If you select another shipping method, it will still ship first class. For the free shipping option, enter "ANNIVSHIPFREE" (case sensitive) in the "redeem code" box upon checkout.

Maybe you're already spending $60, and would be getting free shipping anyway to anywhere in the US. Or you'd rather not have to meet a minimum order size. Want to take 15% off your whole order instead? That code is "ANNIV15OFF".

Important stuff you need to know:
Even though you enter your coupon code in the "redeem code" box, you must complete the rest of the information on the page before clicking the "redeem code" button. I don't know why, it's just the way it works.

You can choose only one discount or the other, not both. If you use both, your order will be voided and you'll have to place a new order.

Sale ends at midnight, Central Standard Time (GMT -5, for those who are international) on September 18, 2010."

Some products you should check (my favorites/ popular products)
-skin smoothing foundation (unless your skin is very sensitive, then test Pure Mineral foundation)
-silk & pearl primers
-Diamond perfect powder (especially for mature skin, I've heard a lot of raves about this one)
-Oil Absorb powder (I've ehard this is very efective for very oily skin)


  1. Hi! The colors are amazing! I love the first look :) It's so vibrant!

  2. Thank you for the well wishes and the post. I can't believe it's already 3 years :)

  3. I love that first look. It is so, so beautiful.

  4. Robyn: You're welcome :D I added "the products you shoud check" to the end of the this post too. Your timing was so good, I was just about to post this one. LOL. I published it a bit earlier so readers have time to use the code.

    Daniela & heather: I loved it too :D

    Ciani: Thank you :D

  5. The first make-up is so gorgeous, i love the lilac colour :-)

  6. Um, so I love that little pop of purple, but the fact that it's named after Saila is SO COOL :D

  7. Graphology: the lilac one is so pretty :D

    SilhouetteScreams: I really like the name too :D I ordered a new Purely foundation yesterday and got a few small brush guards too!

  8. Aww, gggrrr. The lilac Inglot liner looks awesome. I wonder when Inglot finally get sold in France.

  9. Vauu, tuo violetti todellakin... ööö.. puhkasee sun silmät :D (pop) Kehehe, tosi hieno kuiteski

  10. Nathalie, I hope soon!

    emma: Oli se räväkkä ;D


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