Friday, September 10, 2010

Your Alverde favorites?

Time flies! I'll be in Germany again in two weeks so I'm again asking your Alverde favorites :D And do you know if my favorite products (pictured below) are still available?

-Macademia Nut Body Butter: This is SO GOOD! I almost didn't buy this buy this, because I don't like the ones The Body Shop sells. This however is nothing like that! Smells delicious (I don't usually like scented body lotions), absorbs quickly, is silicone free and CHEAP.
-White Tea body lotion: Good, basic body lotion. silicone free, of course.
-Cranberry Hand cream: This is not that moisturizing (contains a lot of alcohol) but I absolutely LOVE the scent!
-Shampoo & conditioner: I need a lot of these!

I'll travel with almost empty suitcase, I usually find nice clothes from Germany too ;D Bye bye money! LOL


  1. Don't have it here,Nea..:( Sounds lovely...
    Can you recommend me where I can buy it online?(preferably in english site). Thank you :)

  2. Lovely CosMe: Unfortunately they don't have a webshop. I think it's only sold in Germany (DM shops) and maybe in Austria too?

  3. Minusta Alverdelle ei ole viimeaikoina tehty paljonkaan muutoksia, eiköhän vanhat lempparit vieläkin ole saatavilla :) Tuolta löytyy koko linja:
    Ainiin, meikkilinjaan on ehkä taas tulossa muutoksia, koska joissain tuoteissa oli aletarrat... Ostin tuossa toissapäivänä Avocado (tosi kuivan ihon) kosteusvoiteen ja se tuoksuu ihan kuumalle viinille :O Taidan pitäytyä hyviksi koetuissa Silkki-ja Jojoba-voiteissa tästä eteenpäin :)

  4. Sanna: Oletko noista meikeistä muuten pitänyt? Lähinnä ehkä huulipunat kiinnostavat :)

  5. I just picked the Macadamia body butter less than 3 weeks ago in Croatian DM, as I was getting ready for my trip to Hungary and wanted a cheap universal cream. Also saw them in DMs in Hungary less than two weeks ago, so let's hope Germany isn't that quick in updating their product range. :P

    (And HOLYCOW is that thing good, I so totally need to grab full sizes if they're planning on discontinuing it, though.)

  6. I see..some of good Germany ecocosmetics aren't sold outside German.I'm wondering why..
    It's even easier to get US eco cosmetics than German ones..Here,I mean :(

  7. i love their eye cream called augentrost it lasts forever and I've been using it for quite a few months now.

    you also might want to take a look at their cosmetic display :)

  8. yes, all the products are still available;)

  9. I don't know that brand, but the products look amazing :)

    I love your blog, I follow you girl !

    xoxo ♥

  10. En ole itseasiassa kyseisen merkin huulipunia vielä testannut, nyt olis kyllä voinut ottaa yhden ihan jo alennetun hinnan takia. Laitanpa raporttia jos löydän kivan sävyn :)

  11. Alverde is very good and pricy as well...they have especially nice Bodylotions and Haircare, also their Toners and Footlotions (Footbutter)are good. You as a polish-Nerd should also take a good look at the P2 nail polishes, they have nice colours and cost only 1,55€! Essence Multi Action Mascara is a Holy Grail Product in Germany as well...OK, I could go on for hours like that...LOL

  12. ääh, I forgot the better Dupe for Satin Taupe, Alverdes Glam Mauve "baked eyeshadow", really really a must have, I can highly recommand it to all the Beauty Shoppers who visit Germany!
    So, now I will quit...hopefully

  13. Thank you so much! I think I'll buy... everything. LOL

    Anja: A make up freak like me could listen/read for hours. That is NOT a problem ;D

    this is also a very nice german Blog which I constantly follow.
    Another thing you shouldn`t let pass are Catrice nail polishes (round about 2,50€), you can find the shops here:
    and the colours here:
    Really hot are : Londons Weather Forecast, I Sea You, Lost in Mud, From Dusk To Dawn...
    And Essence Polish for feet, this Colour:
    Its a nearby Dupe for OPI Jade Is The New Black.
    And now finally the Apricot Nail Care Pen, that I love very much for my very dry cuticles, it´s easy to carry everywhere and nourishes cuticles and nails without being greasy :
    All of these you can get at DM Drogerie (which is my second home, as you can see...), only the Catrice Polishes not.
    So it would be nice to hear what you did purchase!
    Greetings from a German Beauty Addict!


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