Monday, September 20, 2010

[swatch] Sugarpill new colors

So here is my new Sugarpill pigments :) I have a few more on their way to home too.

Tässä muutama uusi Sugarpill pigmenttini, pari muuta on vielä matkalla :)

Darling (new color) is bright teal with turquoise sparkle. It's gorgeous but I hoped this would have same soft formula as in Absinthe but this is dryer... It's more like nearly matte base with a lot of shimmer.

(uusi sävy) on kirkas sinivihreä turkoosilla kimalteella. Upea mutta valitettavasti tässä ei ole yhtä ihanan pehmoinen koostumus kuin mm. Absinthessa vaan kuivempi, lähes matta pohja paljolla kimalteella.

Tiara (old color) is gorgeous and wearable silver. This is not as OMGorgeous as Goldilux but definitely lovely and sparkly! Can be used over other pigments to give more shimmer too.

(vanha sävy) on upea ja helppokäyttöinen hopea. Ei ole niin jumalaisen upea kuin Goldilux on mutta ehdottomasti ihana ja kauniin hohtava! Voi käyttää toisen värin päällä tuomassa hohtoa.

As a color Birthday Girl (new color too) was a huge disappointment to me, unfortunately. I hope it would be lighter but this bright pink, almost fuchsia in my stardard (=I don't like fuchsia). It is lovely but I will never use this one... It would be great on lips but unfortunately it's not lip safe. The base is nearly matte with a lot of shimmer.

Sävynä Birthday Girl (uusi sävy tämäkin) oli minulle suuri pettymys, valitettavasti. Toivoin tämän olevan huomattavasti vaaleampi mutta tämä on kirkas pinkki, minun standardeillani jopa lähes fuksia (=inhoan fuksiaa ;D). Kaunis mutta ei yhtään minun juttuni! Huulilla voisi olla ihana mutta siinä taas ei voi käyttää. Laadultaan tämäkin on kuivempi, lähes matta koostumus paljolla kimalteella.

Here is one picture to show the difference in formula, I just dipped my finger once to the jar:
Tässä vielä kuva demonstroimaan koostumusta, dippasin sormet kertaalleen purkkiin:

EOTD with Tiara & darling (I used Detrivore primer, as always). Darling was a bit harder to work with, maybe because of the nearly matte base?

What do you think about these colors? I think these new colors are not as good as the older ones, unfortunaly. I hope the my next order is better :)


  1. I was really excited to see she'd released new colours, but all the reviews seem to be pretty unfavourable at this stage :( I was hoping they'd be shimmers, opposed to mattes with shimmer

  2. Oh, I have to search for reviews now... I've been so busy past few weeks so I missed those.

    I wish I would have waited for reviews. These are pretty but not as OMGorgeous as Hysteric, Tiara, Goldilux... But I hope Stella & Paperdoll will be better. I already know I like Lumi (I had a sample) :D

  3. Added one more photo to demonstrate the difference in formula.

  4. Phyrra: It IS your color, no doubt about that :D


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