Sunday, September 12, 2010

[SWATCH] Gabrielle Faust collection by Overall Beauty

Kim from Overall Beauty generously sent me the new Gabrielle Faust collection for review & swatch. I've been interested in Overall beauty's products for a longer time so now I have chance to test these.

Sain Overall Beautystä testiin Gabrielle Faust-kokoelman. Olenkin ollut firmasta jo pidempään kiinnostunut mutta kun pigmenttejä pursuaa jo kaapeista... Kiva oli siis saada mahdollisuus testata näitä!

"The first collection available created for and inspired by an amazing young lady of many talents. Is the first of many different product endeavors planned by the gothic fashionista and includes eight sultry shades:

“Love Lost” (deep rose) Tender and sweet as a lost love's last kiss, this delicately ashen mauve will bring a hint of warmth to your eye as well as your heart.
“Vampire’s Kiss” (sangria red) Spicy and seductive, this deep sangria red is as intoxicating as the most alluring immortal lover.
“Karmic Knight” (dark eggplant purple)
“Misanthrope” (ashen violet)
“Indiscretion” (charcoal gray),Dark as one's deepest desires, this smoky charcoal shade is exactly what you need to create a perfectly seductive look.
“Aftermath” (burnt umber brown),
“Sanctified Snow” (opalscent white)
“Hourglass Sand” (golden cream).

Each color can be mixed an matched for daytime looks and evening looks.. Smoky eyes in purples is so much hotter than blacks are... These are vegan, mineral eye shadows that are hypoallergenic and contain no dyes or carmine. Only the best for Ms. Faust means the best for you!!

Use coupon code: VAMP2112 to take $2.00 off your order!"

The collection is vampy and perfect for fall/winter! I especially loved the lighter shades: shimmery white & matte buttery color, those were perfect addition to darker shades. My favorites are Karmic Knight, Santified Snow, Hourglass Sand & Aftermath. Most of the shades are mattes, very pigmented and nice to work with. I'll post EOTDs next week, I haven't had time to edit the pictures yet. I really like this buttery smooth matte formula, r e a l l y, and I usually do not like mattes that much.

prices: 3 USD/ sample, 8.99 USD/ 5g jar, 12.99 USD/ 10g jar or 72 USD full sized set. Regular collection samples are 1.50 USD and there is also a mini size (3g/4.99 USD).

Kokoelma on ihanan mystinen, juuri passeli syksyksi/talveksi! Pidin erityisesti vaaleista sävyistä (hohtava valkoinen ja kermanvaalea), ovat hyvä lisä tummaapuhuvaan kokoelmaan. Suurin osa sävyistä onkin mattoja, erittäin pigmenttisiä (kuten swatchista näkyy) ja kivoja käyttää. Postaan ensi viikolla myös meikkejä näiden kera, nyt en ole ehtinyt kuvia vielä käsitellä. Koostumus on näissä ihana, vaikka onkin matta, niin pidän todella paljon!

Hinnat: Sample/ 3 USD, täysikokoiset 8.99 USD (5g) tai 12.99 USD (10g), koko kokoelma täysikoisena 72 USD. Muissa pigmenteissä samplet olivat 1.50 USD ja saatavilla oli myös minikoko (3g) 4.99 USD.

Postikulut: Koeostoskorissani edullimmat kulut Suomeen olivat 12.71 USD.

*I got these pigments for review purpose. The products I receive for free are always "top priority" for me, so I swatch them immediately. Otherwise this doesn't affect on my review.*


  1. Yeah the matte formula on these is fabulous, very buttery smooth.

  2. Phyrra: Buttery smooth describes these so well, I had to add to my post too :D These are so nice!

  3. I've seen this collection reviewed once before and I was like OH ME WANT! But it's too far outta my price range :( Even for just samples.

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  5. KittenMittens: :(
    I heard that their matte formula in regular eyes shadows is as good as in these!

    Veve: Thank you :)

  6. These colors look so perfect for the fall. I love vampy colors....

  7. I’ve thought about using natural beauty products but I haven’t made the switch yet. I have to wait until I use all my stuff I already have. It seems like a good idea though, especially since I have really sensitive skin anyway!
    vegan beauty product

  8. Ere: yep, good idea :)

    Krista: These are REALLY nice!


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