Friday, October 29, 2010

Bye bye Allure of the Seas!

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We are of course very pround here in my town about the shipyards. The newest ship, Royal Caribbean  Allure of the Seas, will leave Turku today. It was supposed to leave early this morning but it's too rainy & windy at the moment. Yesterday Turku was very international city, a lot of foreigners with Allure of the Seas Start Up Crew jackets :D It was nice. I hope someday I'll visit one of these lovely boats in Caribbean. The ship will go to Florida, it should be there 11/11.

We are also so happy that a new order was just made, for local Viking Line, so the ship will be smaller ;) It's very common to travel between Finland, Sweden & Estonia by boat. If you ever visit here, you might want to try that too!


  1. Kewl!!! My husband & I have done over 10 cruises but always with other cruise lines. You'd enjoy the Caribbean, it has some gorgeous islands and of course you'd be at the opposite end of the temperature gauge

  2. oh, this should be on my to do list! if i go next year i might have to book something :)

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  3. I was on Royal Caribbean's site for the Oasis ships the other day, and they had some really nice photos and video clips of this ship being built. I watched one where the lucky coin tradition was explained, and they showed where they put them on Allure - very cool!

  4. I had opportunity to visit the Oasis of the Seas when it was almost ready <3 It looked so nice that I really want to visit one of these boats someday :D

  5. Some friends of mine worked at this this ship, if i'm not mistaken in your town in one of the shipyards :) and i sow a lot of pictures with the inside and outside of it.
    It looks big and luxuary and i think it's beautiful to travel in such a ship and enjoy the ride and the sightseeing !

  6. smilingelf: Yep, I think your friends were here :)


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