Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shopping in Hong Kong: NARS

I was planning to buy NARS Deep Throat blush last spring but it was OOS, I'm glad I got it this time :) Deep Throat is what I hoped NARS Orgasm to be, the color is gorgeous pink-peach and it's very pigmented. Orgasm was a huge disappointment to me, it is probably the most unpigmented blush I have tried. But if you want a blush you can't use too much, Orgasm is great :D

Meinasin ostaa NARS Deep Throat-poskipunan jo viime keväänä Honkkarin reissulta mutta oli loppunut varastosta. Nyt onneksi sain tämän, Deep Throat on nimittäin se mitä toivoin NARS Orgasmin olevan :) Väri on kaunis persikkapinkki ja erittäin pigmenttinen. Orgasm oli pettymys minulle, se on todennäköisesti vähäpigmenttisin poskipuna jota olen koskaan kokeillut... Mutta jos haluat poskipunan, jota ei voi laittaa liikaa, Orgasm on loistava :D

NARS Deep Throat & Orgasm.

The packaging of NARS products is lovely when it's new but gets dirty & ugly very quickly.
I also got Zulu. *heart* NARS Zulu is a lovely nail polish, dark green jelly. You need to apply 3 coats, so the formula is not the best. I still love it. LOL

Sain myös Zulun. *sydän* NARS Zulu on upea vihreä jelly-lakka, vaatii 3 kerrosta eli koostumus ei ihan parhain... Mutta on se silti himottu Zulu, ja niin ihana ;D

Do you have Zulu or these blushes? What do you think about the products? :)


  1. the nars blushes have such interesting names!

  2. wow orgasm is such a major let down, i always wanted to buy NARS blush but i was never into orgasm but i was interested in Taos ,Torrid , Mata Hari OR Exhibit

  3. That nail polish looks absolutely amazing.

  4. Love the black nail polish! I never got around to buying Deep throat, it's such a pretty pink though! xoxo

  5. I was also upset with Orgasm blush. Deep Throat is so much prettier.

  6. Tsiisus noita nimiä, Deep Throattia ja Orgasmia. :D Mä kun olin sitä mieltä, että Lush myy vähän liikaa seksillä...

  7. MSodapop: LOL, funny names really :D

    Sarah: Now I want more, after NARS O I was just quite disappointed... I'm glad I got DT!

    Urban Mermaid & Hanna: Thank you :)

    Jackie: Oh yes, this is SO much better!

    Charming: Ei ihan maineensa väärti mutta pakkohan se oli saada ;D

    Sonia: Hehe, Lush ei ole vielä mitään ;D

  8. Deep Throat Blush looks great! :)

  9. Thanks for the swatches, I had no idea Orgasm was so crap :S I won Deep Throat from a giveaway, and I'm glad I have it now!

  10. Ania: It's very nice :D

    SilhouetteScreams: Yep, I think it's MUCH better. But of course for beginners, for those who don't really like to use blushes or girls with very light skin, Orgasm might be just perfect.

  11. Wow! I will have to try Deep Throat. I didn't realize how much more pigmented it is than Orgasm. I love Angelika too.


  12. Snooglerat: I think i want to buy new blush when I visit NARS counter next time (=in spring :D).

  13. i agree with you that NARS blushes' has the worst packaging, after 2-3 years the compact will start to grow 'sticky' and 'gluey' like the plastic has degenerated. Also the black rubber texture makes it difficult to clean when it gets dirt :( I have Gina, Amour, and Orgasm. Love Gina the most <3

  14. Jennifer: I have to check Gina & Angelica next time!


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