Sunday, October 24, 2010

[SWATCH] Meow cosmetics: Sunless Sea & London, here I come!

Oh no, Meow is starting to be a VERY DANGEROUS place for me ;) Meow had a great offer: free shipping (over 50 USD/ international orders) & -15%. I wanted some Alien Abduction samples and I needed a new foundation, so I had to order. Shipping has been very fast lately, around 10 days.

Voi apua, Meow alkaa olla aika vaarallinen paikka minulle ;) Muutama viikko sitten oli hyvä tarjouskin, ilmaiset postikulut yli 50 USD tilauksille ja kaikesta -15%. Suosittelen tilaamaan Meowin CatCall newsletterin, jos tilaaminen kiinnostaa. Halusin Alien Abduction-kokoelman sampleja ja meikkipohjakin alkoi olla lopussa, pakkohan sitä oli tilata. Postitus on nykyään kivan nopea, 10 päivää/ pari viikkoa.

 Foundation & just a few samples ;)

"Soft, silky, with subtle sheen and glistening with elegance, these 9 shades take their names from the 9 daughters of Zeus.  Said to inspire in the arts, these colors, like their namesakes can take you anywhere with ease. Elegant , classic and timeless, the only real question will be: Where will your muse lead you?"

I LOVE the quality of Sunless Sea pigments: very soft, very silky& very elegant, feels like cream.... I especially loved the lighter colors, I think everybody like pigments like these. I'm in fact thinking of buyin a few as a Christmas presents :)

Rakastan tätä laatua: niin sillkinen, tyylikäs, pehmoinen, lähes voidemainen... Varsinkin vaaleat sävyt olivat mieleeni, luulisin kaikkien pitävän tämänlaisista pigmenteistä. Itse asiassa näitä saattaa livahtaa muutama joulupukinpussiinkin :)

Meow Sunless Sea swatches.

-Meow Flawless feline Frisky Sphynx
-Meow Ginger Torch blush
-Emani lipgloss Rain Maker

-Detrivore primer
-Meow Euterpe/ Sunless Sea (lid)
-Meow Little Green Men/ Alien Abduction (crease, lower lashline)
-Meow Erato/ Sunless Sea (browbone)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

-Detrivore primer
-Meow Thaila/ Sunless Sea (inner corner of the lid)
-Meow Polyhymnia/ Sunless Sea (lid)
-Meow Ufo/Alien Abduction (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

My Meow foundation is almost finished and I've been planning of buying a new one. The older one is Flawless Feline in Frisky Mau and this time I got Frisky Sphynx. Both are good, maybe Sphynx is even better... But they should have Siberian Cat too :D

I had the muchkin size but this time I got Luxury jar, 30 g/ 3 oz. It's huge, really!

You may be a SPHYNX if: 
you have beige, pink and peach undertones (you can probably see all 3, but may see more beige and pink than peach)

Meikkipohjanikin alkoi olla lopussa ja uuden ostoa olen pohtinut jo parisen kuukautta. Edellinen oli Flawless Feline-koostumusta ja sävyltään Frisky Mau, nyt otin Frisky Sphynxin. En tiedä kumpi on parempi, ehkä Sphynx kuitenkin... Miksei täällä ole siperiakissaa ;)

Edellinen oli kooltaan keskikoinen munchkin (=muiden merkkien täysikokoinen) ja nyt päädyin täysikoiseen, joka on 30 g ja VALTAVA! Ei ihan matkakoko.*heh* 

Umm... I'm not sure do I like my new hairstyle. Well, at least my lovely young hairdresser
was supercute and I even got a massage. And the price? Just a few kisses :D
I try to post Meow Alied Abduction swatches tomorror, the collection is retiring 10/31.

By the way, I won't be buying anything for a while, I just booked a flight to London :D It's just one shopping day in the beginning  of November but I'm very effective in shopping. LOL. Lovely Sara from Daily Polish, who lives in London, already helped me with some questions I had  :D But if you think I should visit a certain shop(s), please tell me! I hope I hope next time I'll spend more day and even meet other bloggers.

Yritän postata huomenna Alien Abduction-swatchit, kokoelma kun katoaa kuun lopussa. 

Ja nyt alkoikin sitten ostolakko, varasin nimittäin lennot Lontooseen :D Vain yksi shoppailupäivä marraskuun laussa mutta onneksi olen tehokas ;) Jos tiedä kauppoja/paikkoja missä kannattaa käydä, laita mielellään viestiä tavalla tai toisella!


  1. Pretty colours! I love the 2nd look, gorgeous soft colours there :)

  2. Loving those colours!


  3. Nice colors and gradation. 2nd one looks sexy :-D

  4. The colours are so pretty and the last picture is so cute :-)

  5. Urania and Melpomeni look gorgeous!
    The hairstyle is fun!Also, is that a web painted on yor nail?
    Love your eye looks :)

  6. Ria: thank you :) The nail polish is P2 crackling in silver (over black nail polish), I'll post NOTD with it later!

    graphology: Thank you :D I had many interesting hair styles that evening. LOL

    Phyrra: Meow <3

    Noriko: Thank you :D

    Terri & Morrigan: Thank you :D

  7. love your tiny 'pony tail'!!! you look so cute :D

    and the swatches, EOTD you made are always so neat!

  8. aww did your daughter do your hair? how cute! i also saw the 20% off coupon code and fell for it even though a couple days before i was adamant i wasn't going to buy anything there! haha, oh well!

    Enter my giveaway:

  9. Your hair is so cute ;] haha

    Clio looks really pretty!

  10. jennifer: Thank you :D

    Porcelaine: Yep, my daughter like to do my hair :D And Meow is a BAD place, I know. Haha.

    Thanks ;D

    ipehishere: Thanks :)

  11. I wish you had mentioned this Meow offer sooner :(

  12. Suvakas: they have these offers quite often and usually only for short periods of time. I really recommend Meow's CatCall newsletter :) The time I ordered the code worked for a few days and the first day I tried it, it didn't work... I decided to try it again when it was valid for a very short time anymore and it worked :-O For now on I might try to add some codes to sidebar!


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