Monday, October 25, 2010

[SWATCH] Meow Alien Abduction

The Meow Alien Abduction swatches, as I promised yesterday :D  Lovely colors, some are less shimmery and some very shimmery ones. Maybe not my personal favorite collection (like Sunless Sea was) but very nice still! You can find the collection & the descriptions of the colors from here.
Tässä Meow Alien Abduction swatchit, kuten eilen lupailin :D Kauniita sävyjä ja osa melkoisen kimmeltäviä, osa taas vähemmän. Minä tosiaan pidin kovasti, ehkei kuitenkaan täysikokoisia tule tästä kokoelmasta hankittua eikä ihan henk.koht. suosikkikokoelmani ole (kuten taas Sunless Sea oli). Kokoelma löytyy täältä, siellä myös värien kuvaukset.

My favorites: Little green men, third kind, area 51 & abduction. Radiation is a glow but it's very pigmented, I wouldn't use it on my face, except maybe in Halloween ;D But it was nice on browbone.
This picture shows the shimmer. Yep, lovely colors!

My favorites: Vivisection, Conspiracy & contact.

My EOTD was so terrible but this one picture was "ok". I didn't have my contacts lenses on, so I didn't see very well :P I used Meow Abduction (lid), black from Inglot palette (crease) & Meow Radiation (browbone). I posted some better EOTDs with Alien Abduction & Sunless Sea pigments yesterday.

My baby ;D

Planning to order or do you already have these pigments? Any favorites? :)


  1. I surprisingly loved SETI. It just looked brown at first and them BAMMO SPARKLYNESS! I ended up getting loads of jars last night. I'll eat cheap for the next 2 weeks lol

  2. I used Tissue Sample on my eyes today ^^ I also have some others but I think my favorite is Extraterrestrial.
    Seeing your pictues I really regret is that I didn't got Conspiracy too. It looks so pretty!

  3. Your cat is so cute! Is he/she a Norwegian forest cat?

  4. WOw. I love it. These are so pigmented :) Thanks for sharing ^_^

  5. Your eyes look amazing! The yellow and black look stunning together.

  6. Sara.H. You're welcome :D

    Morrigan: thank you <3
    Tikru (/he) is a siberian cat. Siberian cats looks a lot like Norwegian forest cats.

    Teipu: And I didn't get extraterestial, maybe I should have... LOL

    KittenMittens: hahah, makeup comes first ;D

  7. I ordered Abductee last night. I can't wait to get it.

  8. Gorgeous swatches and I love the look - really striking and dramatic.

  9. My heart almost stopped when I saw the last photo. He looks exactly the way Shiva looked. The color of the fur, the way it stands on his neck and is flat on the body... It's crazy! Oh, I'm gonna cry.

  10. I LOVE your look with Abduction.

    At first I wanted all the colours because of the names/theme of the collection, but I don't think the colours are really my thing. And the colours that are, I kind of have similar ones already. Good for my wallet I suppose ^__^

  11. I ordered Area 51 from this collection, it looks great! Other colors are also amazing! <3

    Can't wait to get my order! :)

  12. the redhead crafts: Area 51 is lovely :D I hope you like it too!

    SilhouetteScreams: I know what you mean... I love all the spring collections but autumn ones are not so "me" :D


    ScrubbingUpWell: thank you :)

    dull_flame: Hope you get it soon!

    graphology: thanks :D


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