Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nivea Pure & Natural eyeshadow #Noble Ivory

I told you about these Nivea "Pure&Natural" (not eco certified) products earlier and finally bought also this eyeshadow. I didn't like the color selection much but I liked the inci and good ivory shades are always useful :) Unfortunately I don't like this products and most likely I won't use it much/ at all...

Noble Ivory is nearly matte, chalky and not nice to apply (see my EOTD  below, especially the ones with my eyes closed). Yuck! I used this on browbone & on the lid.

Kerroinkin jo aiemmin Nivean "Pure&Natural" sarjasta (ei ole ekosertifioitu eli "luonnollisuus" varauksella) ja nyt päädyin hankkimaan sarjasta luomivärin. Hinta taisi olla 9.90€, jos en nyt ihan väärin muista. Värivalikoima ei ollut mieleeni mutta inci oli jees ja vaaleille perusluomiväreille on aina käyttöä :) Valitettavasti en kuitenkaan pidä tästä ollenkaan ja tuskin tule käyttämään.

Noble Ivory on lähes matta, kalkkinen ja ei kauniisti levittyvä (ks. kuvat alla, varsinkin nuo missä silmät kiinni). Käytin sävyä luomella & kulmaluulla.


Nivea Pure&Natural "Noble Ivory" swatch


The other colors I used in my EOTD are from Inglot (AMC shine 41 & AMC shine 44). Lovely colors & quality :)


  1. Wow, great and subtle color. It is such a pity that Nivea stopeed selling its make-up in Ukraine long-long-long time ago :-(

  2. Love the colours combination. I like how long-lasting Inglot e/s are. I don't own any but my makeup artist was using Inglot for my wedding. It was in summer, hot and sweaty but the colours stayed on perfectly for more than 10hrs.

  3. Thanks for the review. I was curious about these shadows and I wonder why they are calling it "Pure and Natural" is they don't have the Ecocert.
    On another note, I really like the color combo. What eyeliner did you use? It looks sage green on my screen, but maybe it's black and my screen colours are off. :)

  4. Spicey: I'm so so sorry! i forgot to answer your question before :/ The eyeliner is my favorite: MAC Blitz& Glitz! It has a black base with golden shimmer.

    Alexandra: :/

    Karo: Thank you :)

    MissA: Inglot <3


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