Saturday, February 19, 2011

P2 eyshadow palette

OMG, this palette is so pretty & PIGMENTED! When I tried this, all I could think of was "wow" :D Thank you so much Sanna for sending this to me, I really got addicted to P2 too. LOL

Tmä P2-paletti on niin ihana & pigmenttinen! Kun ensimmäistä kertaa testasin tätä, ajattelin vain että "wow" :D Kiitos siis Sannalle tästä ihanasta yllätyksestä! Nyt olen sitten P2 addiktikin. *heh*

P2 "Midnight affair"

EOTD 1: with first two colors. 

I accidentally changed some camera setting, so lightning is a bit weird in this photo... Sorry!
EOTD 2: I wanted to test the peach one too but wanted a less bright look, so I used it with grey (from WnW Lust-palette).

Have you tested P2 makeup? Any favorites?


  1. I've never heard of P2 makeup D: The pallette looks cute though (maybe I'm just being weird lol). Love your 2nd look, never would have put those colours together but it looks great, so I'll give it a go sometime! xxx

  2. love the 2nd eye look you did! i think a friend gave me a mini eyeshadow palette (the size of a normal eyeshadow but has 5 diff color stripes in it), and i pretty liked it! she bought it in germany i believe ;)

  3. Oijee!! Eipä kestä, tosi ihanat meikit sait näilläkin sävyillä aikaan :D

  4. Beautiful looks! I especially love the 2nd one, very very pretty.

  5. Blue are beautiful <3

    Would you like to take part in my birthday exchange? Don't wait! : - will be fun! :)

  6. Eikös näitä saa Saksasta? Toukokuussa saksanreissu tulossa, jeejee :) Upean värinen paletti, kuten myös meikitkin :)

  7. I really like those looks, so beautiful!

  8. I love those blues! SO gorgeous!

  9. Thank you Ladies :D I really addicted to P2 eyeshadows... Not necessarily a good thing. LOL

    Amaryllis: juu, Saksasta saa ja ostan minäkin kaikki mitä löydän seuraavalla reissulla :D

    Sanna: Vielä kerran KIITOS <3



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