Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sale shopping: Dr Hauschka Cool Breeze palette


I've been looking at this Dr. Hauschka palette since summer, I liked the colors but the price was just way too high. Now I found this from the sale (yep, -70%) so I decided to test this :) But unfortunately, I was still very disappointed... The formula of the eyeshadows was very dry, my least favorite I must say. Pigmentation was good, allthough I had a little problems with the turquoise one, it didn't stick to my skin so well (I used Detrivore primer). Of course you might like this kind of eyeshadows but for me this was the last one I bought from Dr. Hauschka. I liked the eyeliner but I rarely use eyeliner pencils. Well anyway, here are some EOTDs & swatches with the palette.

Olen tätä Dr. hauschkan palettia katsellut kesästä saakka, värit ovat niin kauniit mutta paletti on vain ollut aivan liian kallis. Nyt tämä löytyi alen loppurysäyksestä -70% hintaan ja pakkohan se oli korjata talteen ;) Valitettavasti en tästä juuri pitänyt... Koostumus on puuterinen ja "kuiva", koostumukseltaan vähiten mieleeni kaikista mahdollisista luomiväreistä. Pigmenttiä oli ihan kivasti, vaikkakin turkoosin kanssa oli hieman ongelmia (ei tarttunut niin hyvin ihoon kiinni, käytin Detrivore primeriä). Toki tämä koostumus saattaa olla enemmän mieleesi, itse jätän nämä takuulla jatkossa kaupan hyllyyn. Rajauskynä taas tuntui oikein laadukkaalta, voisin hyvin ostaa jatkossa jos nyt yleensäkään rajauskyniä käyttäisin. No, jokatapauksessa tässäpä muutamia meikkikuvia:

EOTD 1: Turquoise eyeliner (Dr Hauschka pencil on upper lid & powder on lower lashline). The darker brown was my favortie of these.

EOTD: Peach on the lid, brown in the outer corner & Turquoise in the crease/ lower lashline. Not the best makeup but wanted to test anyway :D

Do you have some Dr. hauschka favorites? I used to love the hand cream, and I still like it, I have just found so many other good ones with better smell now :D

I also found one more green Isadora nail polish from the sale: Jaded. It's lovely!


  1. Great palette! Love your eyes!

  2. I can't use Dr. Hauschka eye shadows...they irritate my eyes. Glad to have finally figured out it was the talc in their base. Glad yours at least had decent color payoff - the one I had wasn't great for that either!

  3. Did they have any creams and oils on sale too? Those are quite pricey here in Estonia but Rose Day Cream is one of my absolute favorites.

  4. i haven't tried this brand yet, but i can see why you prefer mineral shadows now ;) those are much more pigmented!

  5. I've been wanting those Dr Hauska palettes so bad, wish they were on sale here. 70% off is a sweet deal! I have two eyeshadow duo's from dr Hauska and I actually found them very soft and nice to work with. I guess it is not an in your face pigmentation, but for me that just made them very wearable :-)

  6. Pretty looks! I love the second look a lot :)

  7. what I wouldn't do for a 70% sale shopping....and this jaded polish is gorgeous!

  8. Your IsaDora polish army is growing. :) Love colours you have there.

  9. Dear Nea! I think in spite of the palette being of poor quality these EOTDs look fabulous! I admire your makeup so much!

  10. OMG, those colours are fab.its a pitty they dont stick so well,but think that the price was good for it.

    as i also have green eyes,i use those type of colours a lot.

  11. Thank you so much Ladies :D The first look was very nice, I really liked the eyeliner! And LiisK: only a few makeup products were on sale...



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