Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just a few Alverde palettes ;)

I got addicted of Alverde (Natrue certified) eyeshadow palettes when I got Jasminder palette and luckily my friend Sanna was kind enough  to do a little swap with me when she visit Germany :D Here are some pictures on my palettes, I'll post EOTDs later! I starting to feel better now, that is great. This flu is/was terrible, I must say...

Can't wait to visit Germany again in March, my suitcase will be SO full of Alverde, I promise. LOL

318 Kathrin (My Best Friend LE): This might my favorite of these!

317 Tula (My Best friend LE): Sorry, this looks so much lighter in my photo than irl.

43 Mauve Sensation:

38 Smokey eyes:

315 Nadja (My Best Friend LE):

And a suprise bonus: P2 palette 070 Midnight affair. I LOVE it too!


  1. How strange that I'm just writing a review on their Macadamia nut body butter! These palettes aren't available here in Vienna but they look gorgeous!

  2. Oi kuinka ihania sävyjä noissa paleteissa :-o
    Näistä swatcheja & näillä tehtyjä meikkejä odotellessa ;-)


  3. Joanna Louise: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the macademia nut body butter <3 The best, I think!

    Mirka: No tässä on vähän testaamista ;)


  4. Hi Nea!
    there is a virtual gift for you on my blog :) if you want to discover what it is you can visit me on:
    bye ;)
    p.s. the first and the mauve sensation palette are very nice!! :D

  5. wow you're going to Germany again (YAY for more shopping!!) glad to hear you're feeling better <3

  6. I love the Alverde palettes, too.
    You have almost every Alverde palette :-)

  7. I adore alverde, too :) Mauve Sensations looks really nice.
    Get better soon!

  8. I have been to Germany a few times, but havent seen those...Nice colors!

  9. Thank you girls :) Testing these will take some time but now I'm ok and started with Kathrin-palette.



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